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Taylor Mahaffey's Vermicompost

Created By: Taylor Mahaffey


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     From my adventures with the vermicompost bin I have learned that worms are an amazing species. We started with only 10 worms and finished with 117! I also learned that worms have the capability to demolish ANYTHING organic. By the end of the year our worms had eaten not only all the food we provided them with but all the newspaper as well. My experience with the vermicompost bin has helped me overcome my irrational fear of worms and realize that they are an extremely useful species
 10/28  Today we made our vermicompost bin. First we drilled holes on the sides and bottom of our top container. Then we covered the bottom of the same container with wet newspaper. Next, we put a layer of dirt on top of this. Then it was time to add ten worms. Finally we covered all of this with more wet newspaper. We put the lid on the  worm container and then placed water bottle lids along the bottom of the other container. Then then put the worm container on top of the other one. And our vermicompost bin was ready to go :)  

 11/2/11  Today we added two orange peels and banana peel to our bin. We pulled back the top layer of newspaper, placed the food inside, and then covered it back up.   
 11/9/11  We had to take the fruit out of our bin. Apparently the worms did not like it. :(
 11/14  Today we added lettuce and carrots to our bin, using the same steps that we did to add the fruit. Then we sprayed the top of it with water. 
 11/16  We watered our worms again.
 11/18  And again :). The amount of food we put in should last them a while.
 12/2  We watered our worms after the break. They have eaten all our lettuce, but the carrots still remain.  
 1/10  We added coffee grinds and our failed snow peas to our vermicompost.
 1/17  We counted our worms today and found that we have 36 worms in our bin now. I guess they are happy with the food we are giving them
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Joey Lopez's Garden Bucket

Created By: Joey Lopez
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 10/28  Today is the first day we started our project. I had to drill holes in the bottom of my bucket for the plants to survive. We used a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot for the garden. I am growing snow peas in this garden.   
 11/2  This is the soil that we added to our garden bucket. We used only about half of the bag and shared the other half with another group.  
 11/9  These are my plants that are growing. I'm growing snowpeas and this is after some time of watering and sunlight in the back of our classroom. We water are buckets every time we come to class which is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every day of the week.  
 11/14  The plants are continuing to grow and are doing very well! :)  
 11/16  The snowpeas are taller than they were two days ago, but we are falling behind everyone else's garden.  
 11/18  This was the last day before we went on break that I had watered the plants. Rain watered the plants the days we didn't throughout the week and during break.  
 12/2  These were are plants today. We had to add the garden rods so the snowpeas would wrap around the rods and grow upwards. The next step is to add a fence between the rods.  
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