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Kyo Yohena-Vermicompost bucket

Created By: Kyo Yohena
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 10/28/11  We created our vermicompost bin and added our 10 worms. We also took 1 banana to give our worms for the weekend.
 10/31/11  I brought in a banana from my breakfast and gave it to our wormies.
 11/2/11  When checking in with our worms, we found a different type of worm that Mr. Pitts identified as a flatworm. And we had thought that our worm was getting sick!
 11/4/11  Today it was raining so I took this opportunity to water our worms by a environmentally friendly method by letting it out into the rain to accumulate water.
 11/7/11  I have brought in a banana from breakfast to include into our vermicompost bin. A delicious meal for both myself and the worms!:)
 11/9/11 The bananas seem to be helping a lot! Our little wormies seem to be eating a lot of bananas and are becoming fat.
 11/11/11  It is hard to tell from the picture but my camera couldn't focus right. Next to my finger is a baby worm that looks like a pink fuzz in the picture. I thought that they weren't reproducing but hope is not lost!
 11/14/11  There is other species of life growing in the vermicompost bin other than the worms. This fuzz is identified as a fungi indicating the environment that is supreme for living.
 11/16/18  We seem to have another visitor in our bin. This spider doesn't seem to be venomous so I have let it be. It could possibly be useful to get rid of the fruit flies that have accumulated because of the bananas.
 11/28/11  The number of fruit flies has become out of control so I have covered the bin with a layer of newspaper in hopes to somewhat block their attraction to bananas.
 11/30/11  It seems that Mr. Pitts has put in some anti-fruit flies powder to get rid of them. I also added another banana to the collection for the worms. The dirt seems to be nice and moist throughout the week.
 12/2/11  It is our final day! This worm looked pretty plump and healthy. It took a while to find any worms so I am starting to worry that they are all dying. I have a banana they could eat but I think there are already too much raw bananas in the bin. I sprinkled some powder to help get rid of the fruit flies.
 5/21/12  Today is the final day for the worms in Mr. Pitts' room. Over the year in AP Environmental Science, the worms have experienced a tumultuous path alongside us. Starting out as a few 10 worms, they have multiplied into an outstanding 200. I think that there could have been more worms if i had put more dirt in the bin to start with so the worms have a larger area to inhabit.   
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