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Kyo Yohena-Vermicompost bucket

Created By: Kyo Yohena
Date   What was done Pictures/Videos 
 10/28/11  We created our vermicompost bin and added our 10 worms. We also took 1 banana to give our worms for the weekend.
 10/31/11  I brought in a banana from my breakfast and gave it to our wormies.
 11/2/11  When checking in with our worms, we found a different type of worm that Mr. Pitts identified as a flatworm. And we had thought that our worm was getting sick!
 11/4/11  Today it was raining so I took this opportunity to water our worms by a environmentally friendly method by letting it out into the rain to accumulate water.
 11/7/11  I have brought in a banana from breakfast to include into our vermicompost bin. A delicious meal for both myself and the worms!:)
 11/9/11 The bananas seem to be helping a lot! Our little wormies seem to be eating a lot of bananas and are becoming fat.
 11/11/11  It is hard to tell from the picture but my camera couldn't focus right. Next to my finger is a baby worm that looks like a pink fuzz in the picture. I thought that they weren't reproducing but hope is not lost!
 11/14/11  There is other species of life growing in the vermicompost bin other than the worms. This fuzz is identified as a fungi indicating the environment that is supreme for living.
 11/16/18  We seem to have another visitor in our bin. This spider doesn't seem to be venomous so I have let it be. It could possibly be useful to get rid of the fruit flies that have accumulated because of the bananas.
 11/28/11  The number of fruit flies has become out of control so I have covered the bin with a layer of newspaper in hopes to somewhat block their attraction to bananas.
 11/30/11  It seems that Mr. Pitts has put in some anti-fruit flies powder to get rid of them. I also added another banana to the collection for the worms. The dirt seems to be nice and moist throughout the week.
 12/2/11  It is our final day! This worm looked pretty plump and healthy. It took a while to find any worms so I am starting to worry that they are all dying. I have a banana they could eat but I think there are already too much raw bananas in the bin. I sprinkled some powder to help get rid of the fruit flies.
 5/21/12  Today is the final day for the worms in Mr. Pitts' room. Over the year in AP Environmental Science, the worms have experienced a tumultuous path alongside us. Starting out as a few 10 worms, they have multiplied into an outstanding 200. I think that there could have been more worms if i had put more dirt in the bin to start with so the worms have a larger area to inhabit.   
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Natalia Tressler- Garden in a bucket

Created By: Natalia Tressler
 Date Description of activity done Pictures or video
 5/18/12  What I have learned throughout my year of gardening is that as much as you water your garden bucket or put amazing soil in it, it still could fail to grow which is what happened when I originally planted the pea seeds. In order to establish a healthy garden, soil tests must be done, healthy soil should be put in, seeds must be planted a certain distance away from each other, and the garden must be watered continuously. It is a very tough job to maintain the growth of healthy plants in order to establish food, and if you fail the first time, then learn off your mistakes and re- plant. It is hard to actually figure out what went wrong because it could be a matter of toxins leaching down into the soil or it could be something else. So when you re- plant, it would be beneficial to plant seeds that would establish a vegetable that is easier to grow, in my case lettuce seeds, in order to try and guarantee a healthy growth of my garden bucket.
 What I have learned!
 10/28/11  We drilled holes into the bucket and added soil to get our project started. We did not capture a photo of the holes on the bottom but this is exactly what it looks like.
 10/31/11 We put the Pea seeds into the bucket with the soil and watered it so our seeds can then sprout. We then used the mini shovel to place the seeds deep into the soil and spread them out.  
 11/1/11 We checked how the seeds were and watered the bucket again so our Pea plant can continue to grow and thrive.
 11-4-11  Yesterday, it rained so the garden was still moist but we watered it a little more.
 11-14-11  Checked on the bucket and plants are growing! It was a major difference from when we last saw them because they actually sprouted. We then watered them so they can continue to grow.
 11-18-11 Checked on the bucket after 4 days and our pea plant is growing more!! It grew about 3 inches from when we last saw it and then we watered the plant again so it can continue to grow even more.   
 11-30-11  Checked on our bucket again and our plants are growing profoundly! Don't see any peas yet but they are coming soon! We then watered them again and continue to keep them healthy.   
 12-2-11  We checked on our bucket again today after a few days and our plants grew about 1-2 inches more than when we last saw them. We then watered them again so they can consistently maintain to grow.
 12-2-11  When we checked on them today they are growing beautifully but the problem was that the roots seemed to be too bunched together. So in order to keep a good distance between each of the roots, we had to get scissors and cut the weakest of them and also cut one of the roots if two were too close together. They are now more healthy and we then placed two bars in the bucket so later on when are plants get taller we can put a fence up to keep them stable and stay up straight.

 12-7-11  We checked on the garden bucket again today and our plants are looking very healthy. The roots look healthier now that we had cut some of them on 12-2-11 so they are more spread out and will grow easier. The roots are getting longer and have grown about 3 inches since we last saw them. Still not seeing any peas yet, but they are coming soon! Soon it will be time to put the fence up between the plants so they can maintain balance as they get taller.

 12-15-11 Checked on the bucket today and it is looking great! The roots look very healthy and I am expecting it to grow a lot over winter break. The length of the plants are about 25.4 cm in length right now! Still don't see any peas yet but I am sure they will show up after 3 weeks.  
 1-11-12  Checked on the garden bucket today after 3 weeks of break and it now has a root fungus most likely from watering the plant too much after we had planted it. Now we have to soon replant pea seeds in our bucket and start over in order to grow a healthy pea plant.  
 1-13-12 Checked on the bucket again today and still seemingly looks the same because of the root fungus that was most likely caused from over watering. Some roots seem to be dead but there are still some green and fresh roots that are still living so before replanting I am going to see how the pea plants hold up.  

 2-17-12 I have planted Mesclun seeds which will establish a variety of lettuces. This is a picture of the directions on how to plant correctly on the lines of spacing the seeds out, how deep you should plant the seeds, etc.  
 2-17-12  I have to replant for my garden bucket because with my snow pea seeds I had over watered them and they did not contain the appropriate amount of fertilizer thus causing them to die. So now I have added soil to my bucket, I have mixed in about 1/8 of a cup of fertilizer into my soil and had spreaded out a group of Mesclun seeds about 6 inches apart, and watered it. Now this should really help to give the growth of my lettuce, give them the opportunity to prosper, and in the end will make a meal delicious.    
 2-24-12  I have done my soil testing on my garden bucket after I had planted my new Mesclun seeds and everything turned out to be okay and the tests went fairly well. 
Here are the results for each test.
1. Nitrogen (N) Test- N1 Deficient 
2. pH Test- pH 7.0 Neutral
3. Phosphorus (P) Test- P1 Deficient
4. Potash (K) Test- K0 Depleted 
 2-27-12  I checked on my garden bucket today and watered it and I have noticed that my seeds are starting to sprout! I will be seeing a lot more green in my garden bucket as I continue to water it and soon all my Mesclun seeds will sprout and make a good mix of lettuce.    
 3-14-12  Today I checked on my garden bucket and watered it to keep it growing. The seeds are beginning to sprout more and more from the places where I had planted them and my garden bucket is continuing to look healthy. Soon I will have a bucket full of lettuce if I continue to keep my garden bucket alive and well, so I am just going to continue with the same routine and hopefully come out with amazing results.   
 3-21-12  Checked on my garden bucket today and it is looking absolutely fantastic! I watered my garden bucket so my lettuce can continue to grow. It is continuing to stay healthy and I am sure the rain had helped it out too. I will check on it again later and I am sure it will continue to thrive so I will have a healthy garden bucket of lettuce that will be ready to eat very soon.  
 3-23-12  Checked on my garden bucket today and it is looking fantastic! I watered it again to further keep the soil very moist and to keep the lettuce healthy and ready to eat when it begins to fill in and establish a garden bucket full of various types of lettuce. I will continue to care for it and in the end will be delicious to eat.  
 5-14-12  Checked on my bucket today and it has made major progress over the last 2 months! I have been continuing to water our garden bucket and the lettuce is beginning to become visible and the plants are growing really tall. I will continue to keep an eye on it and will continue to water the garden in order for it to grow even more!  
 5-18-12  My garden bucket seems to be the same as it was 4 days ago, it has not really grown that much since then but it has further formed a weed like structure and possesses tiny leafs filled with seeds in which I can plant in my garden bucket and establish the lettuce. If I were to continue to harvest my garden bucket daily I could plant the seeds and wait for the food to grow. Overall, it is doing good, looks healthy, and had replenished the garden bucket with water.
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