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How the Leopard Got it's Spots
A myth submitted to the site by Megan Butler

West Sussex, United

Long before you were born there were just animals back then. There was a [1] leopard that had no spots and that leopard was very upset that he had no spots, his mum and dad had spots but he kept on asking his mum and dad why he didn't have spots. His mum said "You have to roll in some wet soggy mud!" So he went out side and rolled in the mud all day long. His mum shouted "Why are you so muddy?" Leopard was so scared he ran upstairs and went and looked out of his window and fell back on to his bed.

Leopard had no friends because no-one liked him, and no-one lived around his area. Mum came in to his room and said "I am very sorry that I shouted at you" Leopard said "That is all right mum ," "I just took your advice on how to get spots". Mum sat down beside him and whispered "I know, I was just going to get your bath ready but I think I'll have to save it till tomorrow now."

[2] The next day Leopard woke up he looked at his fur he also touched it where he rolled in the mud, it didn't feel all crumbly it felt like all the rest of his fur. He got up and ran around his room till he fell over. He ran around his room twenty-three times and then he fell over and from that day forward that is how leopards got their spots.

By Megan Butler
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