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When Photosynthesis Stopped

Created By: Brooke Adams
When Photosynthesis Stopped

One warm summer morning, I was outside enjoying the fresh air in my backyard.  Then something strange happened... Everything went black.  I heard sirens, shrieks, screams, dogs barking, and one loud BOOM.  I could see nothing but the lights that were on in my house.  I started running for my door and I shouted "Mom what's going on?" We just looked at each other for a moment then ran to turn on the news.  We just sat there in awe of what we were seeing on the T.V. A meteorite hit the sun? That's crazy and mind-blowing, but it was really happening.  Its almost as if we are living out our own horror movie. There were so many questions that are running through my head at this point. How are we going to survive? Are we going to survive? What going to happen to our warm summer days? What about the plants? What about the atmosphere?

Three weeks have passed by with little sun. The blow of the meteorite is slowly killing the sun.  I've been researching on my laptop what scientists are predicting what will happen over a period of time.  Will we freeze to death? Or will we die from lack of oxygen in the atmosphere? My family and I are leaning towards we will die from lack of oxygen in the atmosphere.  The limited, dying, sun that we now have is slowly killing the plants.  The sunlight gives the plants energy to make glucose and ATP's, this reaction is either light or dark. In a light reaction; light, water, and ADP react to produce oxygen, ATP, and NADPH.  In a dark reaction CO2, ATP, and 2 NADPH react to produce glucose, water, and ADP.  These are examples of a biogeochemical pathway called photosynthesis. The stroma of a plants leaf lets in sunlight so the chloroplasts can absorb it and with the help of CO2, the plant converts it into glucose  which is the plant's energy source.  One of the byproducts of the process is oxygen.  The oxygen is released into the atmosphere by plants, which we need to survive.  Therefore with no sun, we have no oxygen. Sooner or later the sun is going to completely die.  If there is no sun the plants will soon die off.  This will cause a domino effect, the herbivores would starve, then the carnivores (highest in the trophic levels), and yes you guessed it, then us humans would starve.  We could also die by not having enough oxygen in our atmosphere. 

Its been about 2 months and the sun is dead.  We have no natural light source.  Everywhere I look all I see is gray.  Not only did Earth loose the sun, it is loosing its color.  The oceans are freezing into a white icy color.  All of the plants are now dead and not producing oxygen.  The oxygen levels of the Earth are slowly dropping while our carbon dioxide levels are rising along with pollution. The pollution levels are dangerously high because we don't have the warmth of the sun to keep us warm, we have heaters which pollute the air.  The animals are freezing to death without their sun. Its sad to think about. I can't live like this anymore.  Everything around me is dying, the beautiful flowers, trees, and animals.  Life here is just dragging on and on.  Nothings going to get better, its only going to get worse. 

It's been 7 months living on this earth with no sun.  We are slowly killing of all the animal species, for food.  The temperature outside keeps getting colder and colder.  The pacific ocean is completely frozen over now.  The scientists are predicting that we all have 2 months to live before the oxygen levels run out.  Since the sun was facing us right before it completely died, the scientists say that we will live the longest because we have highest oxygen levels.  I doubt that because our country is one of the countries that produces the most carbon dioxide.  With all the fuel eating cars and air conditioning/heaters, we are going to pollute the atmosphere to where we will no longer have enough oxygen to survive.  

Its been a total of 9 months since the meteorite crashed into the sun.  We are coming up to our last few weeks.  I can tell that we are having less and less oxygen available since all of the other countries around the world have no population left in them.  We are the last people of the earth left. 

We have about one week left to survive.  I walked outside my house to try to get some fresh air, but I couldn't stop thinking that any day now we are going to suffocate to death. I was walking to my neighbors house when I heard a siren, I saw my mom running towards me and....   

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