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When Photosynthesis Stopped

Created By: Jessica Khalili
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As I sit here, I write about my past experiences this week, miserably acknowledging that there will be nothing in store for me in the future and I will by no means ever discover what is to approach the human race, for I will not be in existence then. I feel a sense of sorrow and grief and I've lost all hope; not even a miracle can save us all now. I may be over and done with after today, but I will recall and summon up all these experiences for all those who may survive to hear and take notice of- which unfortunately may not even be possible in this horrendous situation. 

It all started the other day while I was viewing the daily morning news broadcast on my television. It was just on another one of those annoying, repetitive, overplayed commercials that bore everyone to death and I was just about to switch the television off but then the screen suddenly burst into a huge explosion of brilliant, flashing letters that were spelling out the phrase, "BREAKING NEWS" and I nervously leaned in forward towards the screen, anticipating what new murder just took place, but although it did turn to a prospect about death, it was a different scenario and I looked on ahead towards the screen, feeling butterflies flutter in my stomach and with a feeling of anxiousness I observed the scene being shown; little did I know that it would transform the rest of my life into days of pain and torture.

Civilians were keeling over and dying right before my very eyes and I studied the scene with a feeling of dread, and listening to the reporter, I learned that there was a deadly virus going around the world. Its origin was unknown but scientists have discovered that the disease has been transmitted everywhere by the birds flying all over the world, mainly hummingbirds. As they pollenate plants, the virus spread inside the plants systems, which somehow disturbed the processes of their chloroplasts. That may not sound so deadly, but chloroplasts are involved in photosynthesis in which plants receive water, carbon dioxide, and light in order produce glucose and also oxygen into the air, and without being able to attain that oxygen may cause deadly results, such as our bodies not being able to do cellular respiration that occurs in our mitochondria; in that, we use use the glucose and oxygen the plants produce that we inhale, so we can be able to exhale carbon dioxide which goes back to the plants in this cycle. So, in other words, long story short, plants aren't producing enough oxygen for us to breathe in order to stay alive, and then we won't be able to produce enough carbon dioxide for them to stay alive. In this mutualistic relationship, we all depend on each other: plants, animals, and humans like us. So basically, without any possible cure for these plants, we are all going to die.

As I lay here, slowly dying, I look up towards at the heavens and ask, "Will we be saved?" but all I see are the stars twinkling, as if their sorry gleaming tears have polished their smooth- looking surfaces, and with a feeling of sadness I look down, taking their answer as a no. Now I am hopeless and when I pass, I'll at least know what a wonderful life I've had. And all the times when- Oh! The pain is starting to kick in and I am moaning with agony.  I cannot breathe... I believe now that my time has come.

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