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When photosynthesis stops

Created By: Avery Horne
It was just a week ago, that I felt the warm comforting feeling of the sun. Just a week ago, I breathed in fresh crisp air and I ate till I pleased. But that was a week ago, and a lot has changed. On that fateful day I was at school. It was a particularly nice afternoon, now that I think of it, and all was normal. I had just finished math class when suddenly sky darkened as if it were night. I only sat for a couple minutes in class before my dad pulled me out of school. His face was panic stricken and his eyes seemed Beady and alert, but he still managed a sweet smile. "Honey, have.... Have you noticed the sky?" He asked me calmly. "yeah dad, it's kinda hard to miss.... Isn't some sort of an eclipse?" I replied curiously. "I only wish it was... I only wish it was." he said as he sharply turned the corner, I was impressed he drove so fast despite the unlit streets."The Sun and the planets are charted, as you know, and an eclipse was not planned. I can only guess the sun has indeed started burning out, the only reason we are not dead is simply because there is a impending star close by, but the sun itself is still providing us warmth. But soon the sun will give out all together." dad said as he searched my face for a reaction, "However the impending star will still allow us to sustain warmth but not light. My guess is in a week or so photosynthesis will cease to exist due to the lack of light, since of course photosynthesis is a light reaction, and then producers will cease to exist and then herbivores will have no food and they will die and then carnivores will have no herbivores to eat so they will die...." "Then us.." I finished his thought realizing what was happening.
I sat there completely still for a second, I was tempted to pinch myself in hope that I was dreaming. Dad pulled into the drive way and popped the trunk. He franticly started carrying food, water, and oxygen tanks into the house. " sweetie come inside, your mom is in the house with your brother and sister", dad shouted from inside the garage. For the next three days we sat inside the house awaiting our own doom. You could tell dad and mom were worried and afraid, but when they were around us they painted on a smile. It seemed we had lost all hope, when the news came on for the first time in days. The news caster looked frail and worried. Her skin was pail white and her hair looked like a mop clinging to her face. " We are all In grave danger. They're is is no light to fuel photosynthesis and the water is freezing due to the drop in temperatures. Oxygen is not being produced, only used. We have stopped burning all fossil fuels in effort to save all oxygen we have left, but oxygen is thinning fast." the news caster said. "Producers dying causing the trophic levels to drop in population at an alarming rate. Chlorophylls can not absorb light energy, and although the dark reaction is still continuing it does not produce oxygen just glucose and carbon. Soon life will cease to exist on this earth all together, but life itself will not. The government has chosen several thousand people to board the R.O.L. ( renewal of life) rocket. We will store the remaining carnivores, herbivores, producers, water, and oxygen onto the rocket and move close to the neighboring star in hope to restart photosynthesis. The following names called are invited to board the ship, The Abe family, the The Aberson family....." the women rattled on calling several last names but not ours. We were running out of oxygen tanks when dad called us all into the kitchen. I knew what he was about to say but I desperately hoped I was wrong. " We can not stay here, because we will die and we can not all sneak on to the rocket." father said with tears in his eyes " Avery, I need you to take care of your brother and sister and try to sneak all of you on the rocket. Your mom and I will stay here." " But dad.... You will die" I said on the verge of sobs. " yes. Yes we will but we will die knowing you guys are safe." dad said as he unplugged moms' ad his' oxygen tank. Tears filled my eyes as he handed us the remaining oxygen and I watched the light fade out of my parents' eyes. I will never forget how tightly they held our hands and how happy they were that we were all together.
I was able to find a family who was invited on the rocket and who's 2 children had already died and they gladly took my brother and sister on the rocket with them. I gave my brother and sister a big hug and told them goodbye. I cried, but I cried tears of happiness. That was the greatest thing I've ever done, and even though I was sad to see them go I knew they were going to a better place. I returned home and I sat with my mom and dads bodies, I held them close and wished they were still there, I told them that I loved them and then I sobbed hopelessly. Then I started typing my story, in hope that one day someone will find it. I only hope my brother and sister are safe. I pray that they can live to see a better world, to have a better life and that they can have a family of their own. I know that my mom and dad would be proud but I only feel alone. I wish I could see them one more timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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