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Created By: John Luong
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 October 28th 2011  We first started planting our spinage plants and we planted about 10-15 seeds about half an inch deep.  
 November 2nd 2011  After 5 days of planting, we still have yet to see the first sprouts.

 November 4th 2011  After about two more days, we start to see germination in our plants. Many of our seeds have begun to sprout.  
 November 7th 2011  The germination progress continues as planned, we start to see a bit of leaves within the sprouts.  
 November 14th 2011  It appears as though our germination rate has slowed down. We have noticed a slower rate of change within our bucket.  
 November 18th 2011  The spinach continues. Nothing out of the ordinary has been seen. We are still awaiting our first full grown spinach.  
 November 30th 2011  Still waiting, it seems as though something has stopped our germination process. We will check back again after the weekend.  
 February 25th 2012
Still observing the plants. Growth has been made but some of the plants died out.
 March 21st 2012
 The plants grow more in numbers and more dense.
 April 20th 2012
The plants leaves are expanding and the vegetables are beginning to bloom.
 May 23 2012
 With the lack of water and weather conditions, the plants have died out slowly
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