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Have you ever had a horrific pain in your head and it wouldnt wouldn't go away?! *Don't put an exclamation point, it looks informal.  That pain is called a migraine; that it usually effects your daily tasks and activities. There are two types of migraines*Make two different sentences. that They are caused from your surrondings, your hormornal changes, physical activty, but they can be stopped by medical resources. Migraines can come and go, but you should do as much as you can to prevent getting one, because they are not fun and time consuming, in a bad way.  *Fix last sentence, it doesn't flow.
  • What are migraines? A migraine is a painful, and excruciating head ache that will and can last for either several hours or days. (Anonymous c 2009, 1) A migraine is released or started,when large blood vessels combine together while chemicals are being released and an artery is enlarged and is located outside of the skull. is when a migraine is released or started. (Anonymous c 2009, 2) When you get your migraine, your pain is usually directed to one side of your head, but in other cases it can spread to the other side or you can have a whole throbbing head. There isn't just one main migraine that us humans get, There are two different types of migraines that us humans can get. The two different types of migraines are called the Common and Classic migraines. (Nikitina 2013, 1) A common migraine is a headache that will come out of no where and as time goes on it will just get worse and worse. Effects that come with this type of head ache are throwing up, becoming dizzy, having diarrhea, and an increase of having to go to the bathroom, loss of appetite, etc. The rate of this type of migraine is 75% which is more than getting a classic migraine. (Nikitina 2013, 1) Classic migraines are predictable , because they are usually caused when you are in an area that has a bright light or they you are seeing flashes of fast lights. (Nikitina 2013, 3) You will usually know and an hour ahead of time if your you're going to get a migraine because of the symptoms aura is expressing. *Doesn't make sense. (Negating 2013, 2) Aura is visual or sensory disturbances. (Anonymous b 2012, 1) Even though migraines can have an effect of on your body language or working aspect, it will not have a permeant permanent effect for the rest of your life. (Nikitina 2013, 5)
  • Researchers think there are different triggers that create the a persons' migraine. These triggers are the family history, the person's age, the gender, medical conditions and hormonal changes. If a migraine was has happened in the family, it is likely for others around you to pick up on that migraine so it is then passed around. Ages between 15-55 are more likely to receive a headache, and women usually suffer more than men. Because women have menstrual cycles, they usually have a pattern of getting headaches but it changes throughout the time that they are on their period or if they become pregnant. (Anonymous b, 2012 2) Other triggers are also changes like sound, movement, light and smell. (Neighmond 2012, 4) There are also other reasons or theories as to why you can get a migraine; like by drinking more water, having sinus infections, being stressed out , and eating certain foods. ( Anonymous d 2006,1) Sometimes if your you or one of your friends or family members massage your temple, it will reduce the pain in your head. (Anonymous d 2006, 1) If you can avoid chemicals like caffeine, sugar substitute, or flavor enhancer it can reduce your migraine. ( Anonymous d 2006, 2) To get rid of all your stress you can do an activity that is relaxing, like yoga. Stress is also usually a big part of getting a migraine. (Anonymous d 2006, 3) A big part of having all of the natural helpers to get the migraine to go away usually helps, but the biggest one is water. *Doesn't make sense. It rehydrates you because a migraine is usually telling you that you aren't drinking enough water, or in other cases, that you are dehydrated. (Anonymous d 2006, 5).
  • It is known by most researchers that women usually receive more migraines than men do. They usually get all of the symptoms that go with it, rather than men , because they most of the time don't. *Doesn't make sense. The effects are 3 times more to the women than they are to the men. *Doesn't make sense.  (Neighmond 2012, 1) Women's migraines are never the same the each time, they are always changing. (Margaret 2006 , 1) The reason why women get migraine more than men is the because of the hormonal changes ( Mayo 2013, 1). Estrogen and progesterone are what usually trigger for you to have your period or a hormornal change, but these chemicals usually tend to mess with the ones in your brain, causing a migraine. But if the estrogen levels either decrease or lower it will mess with it more and can make the migraines worse, but if the estrogen level is accurate then the migraine may get better. ( Mayo 2013, 2) Right before your period starts, your estrogen will drop, effecting the chances of having migraine, thats why it's common for you to get a migraine before your period and during. (Mayo 2013, 4) A women woman will usually go to the cabinets to grab a pill like IB profin to get rid of the head ache but there are also other ways like applying ice on your head where you have the pain. Or You can also do some relaxing exercises or stretches to release any of your stress. ( Mayo 2013, 5)
  • To try a and prevent your usual migraines before your period you can take preventive medication a couple of days before your period and a couple of weeks after your period has started. (Mayo 2013, 6) Birth control pills also will also help the estrogen so it doesn't release any head aches , but it isn't guaranteed that it will help every single time. (Mayo 2013, 7) Then as both women and men get older, they start to get very bad migraines. But it's more common for the women, which was stated, but this is because they are going through premenopause. This is where its the first year that they are very emotional and their period starts to go away. *Doesn't makes sense. During this year the hormone levels fall and rise several times, causing migraines. ( Mayo 2013, 10) Women can also get migraines because of how much they are on the computer. Studies show that 70% usually have reoccurring symptoms of migraines, daily. (Margret et. al. 2009 , 1)

  • Migraines can also happen when you are exercising especailly when your you're out in the hot sun. The trigger to release a migraine while you are working out isn't known, but extreme, fast work outs isn't aren't heathy. ( Blum 2013, 1) You should never start an intense workout before you "warm up" and after you are done you should " cool down" so you are paced through it, and you are able to catch your heart rate. (Blum 2013, 2) Most people aren't sure what to do to regulate their body while working out. ( Anonymous e 2013, 1) They say that should should "start gradually, then work your way up" just like life. ( Blum 2013, 3). Making sure that you are breathing correctly while working out is very important, because if you aren't breathing right, pressure can build up in your head. (Anonymous e 2013, 2) An example of breathing right would be if you were bench pressing, or lifting a bar. When you are doing a negative motion, as in bringing the bar to your chest, breathe in. Then when you do the positive motion, as in pushing the bar off your chest, you want to breathe out. ( Anonymous e 2013, 3) When your you're exercising and before you exercise it's important to drink plenty of water. Also if you drink a vitamin water or and and/or energy drink while you are working out with prevent a migraine. *Doesn't make sense. ( Blum 2013, 4 ) If you workout everyday you should be drinking at least 64- 128 oz per day. ( Anonymous 3 2013, 4) Taking pills like IB profin could also help prevent your migraine before, during, or after your workout. ( Blum 2013, 5) The trigger to a migraine when outside is usually because of the sun and dehydration. These two are not good when put together. ( Blum 2013, 6) But if your you're inside working out, you do not want to over do yourself, so if you know your body can't handle more, then it's telling you that you need to stop and your you're done. ( Anonymous e 2013, 5).  Even though your head will start to have horrible pain and you feel like you need to stop, exercising can help prevent more migraines down the road, rather than people who do no activity. ( Blum 2013, 7).  But if you get reoccurring head aches, most of the time while you are exercising, that could be a severe problem. You could have a neurological problem or an abnormal blood flow to your brain. *Explain more about neurological problems.  ( Blum 2013, 8)  

    There are several studies on what we can do to cancel out migraines, what do to do to get rid of them in the future, and testing the differences with using different medication. People have several attacks of these horrible migraines, and at least 18% of women and 6% of men get 1 migraine per year at the least. The money spent to help out people with medical migraines was very expensive, almost 19 billion dollars. ( Burton 2009, 1) As time goes on and as you get more and more migraines you end up needing more primary care for their brains. The recent migraines are usually because of the sructural changes in the brain. (Holroyd 2010, 2) They picked random participants that get random migraines, and they were each put to 1 of the 4 treatments. They were either set on preventive treatment, placebo, Behavioural migraine management plus placebo, or Behavioural migraine management plus preventive treatment. Then over a several period of time they would record the amount of migraines/ headaches they got daily. ( Holroyd 2010, 5) The results ended up being that they still had quite a few migraines but they weren't weekly, more like they were monthly and didn't last very long. (Holroyd 2010, 7) As you get older, your migraines can either decrease or increase but it is usually all upon you, unless you have a medical issue. Your stress, hormornal changes and your triggers you can control by several different ways. *Doesn't makes sense.  ( Anonymous a 2013, 1) But to make sure that eventually we won't suffer so much from these migraines and the basic symptoms that we already know, researchers want to keep up the studies and will evaluate in population studies and in clinical trials. Their main goal is to improve these things, without anything too big that could affect or harm anyone. ( Erwin 2010, 1) Melatonin is also found to help your migraines and let you get on with your daily lifestyle. But they still have to do a trial to see if there are any effects with this. (Gagnier 2013, 1) It is also stated that if you were to have a bad dream, it can cause a migraine. ( Greener 2013, 1) When you get an unpleasant dream it can cause stress in your dream, triggering a migraine. Participants of 37 had a record of 10 dreams each, 5 with migraines and 5 without. *Doesn't make sense.  ( Greener 2013, 2) But there was nothing you could do about this . ( Greener 2013, 3)

    In conclusion you can see the many side affects that migraines have. They will butt into your daily acticity activities and also ruin your daily lifestyle, making you grumpy or in a bad moodwhich Then you won't want to be around others. Make sure you keep an eye out for all of these things so you wont have to suffer from a migraine. Also if you do get migraines now, I hope that this information could help you and decrease the rate that you have of getting them. *It sounds informal if you write "I hope that this information..." (it talks about your personal opinion). Scientists are doing their best to get into more detail with how we can all together stop migraines and be able to
*You also need to fix all the spacing and indents for your paragraphs and in between your parentheses for your hyperlinks.
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