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A1: Parkinson's Disease
Q2: Report: (Required*) 
A2: Imagine, (maybe you should take out the comma and add it before "never being able to stop") always shaking. Never being able to stop. Think about not being able to perform the easiest tasks ever. Like writing your name or holding a pencil, or even hugging someone you love without any interference. Well even though some are lucky to not have to worry people suffering from Parkinson's disease face this struggle everyday n]and still seem to cope with it.
Parkinsons disease is a very widely known disease. This disease is known to take over one's mind and take over their body. PD, parkinson's disease for short, can ruin someones life in just a matter of a time. The hook is good :)

Parkinson Disease appears in both men and women. (Stern 2013, 1) Even though this may be true it occurs more in men then women about 50%more. (Stern2013, 2) On average PD occurs at around the age 60 or so. (Stern 2013, 3)
If someone is diagnosed early it would be somewhere around the age 40.( Stern 2013, 4) Its is known that almost 500,000 people in the United States have Parkinson's Disease. (Stern 2013, 8) Also around 50,000 people are diagnosed in one year. (Stern 2013,5) People who have Parkinsons have around the same life expectancy as others who don't. (Stern 2013, 6) The only difference is all of their struggles become complications that are life threatening.(Stern 2013, 6Their shaking and tremors may causes them to fall or choke. (Stern 2013, 6

Parkinsons Disease goes through different stages each becoming more intense. PD will slowly progress over 20 years.(McCoy2013, 1) However, this number varies for different people suffering from Parkinson's. As this disease progresses, it goes through different stages. The first stage will only affect one side of the body. McCoy2013, 2) This causing (use "causes' instead of "causing") everyday tasks to become difficult, but are able to be handled. (MD 2005, 1) This stage also will cause slight and minor tremors and shaking. (MD 2005,2)  Even though these symptoms don't seem to severe they do take a toll on ones everyday life. And this symptoms only get worse as the PD progresses. 

In the second stage the disease starts affecting both sides of the brain. However balance is still intact. (McCoy 2013, 3) Even thought this may be true there is also declines in posture.(Jason 2010, 2) The persons isn't neccesarily disable but some tasks are hard to perform. (Jason D 2010, 1) In this stage doctors tend to prescribe medication to the patient. (Jason D 2010, 3) Also along with the medication, the patient will reccieve (receive) dopamine agonist. ( Jason D 2010, 4) This will block nerve impulses. (Jason D 2010, 4) Even going through this a patients symptoms will continue to get worse.

Stage 3 of this disease is when all the previous symptoms will worsen. The symptoms become mild to moderate. (McCoy 2013, 4) Their balance still remains impaired.(McCoy 2013, 4) This person can still however perform simple tasks by themselves. (McCoy 2013, 4) One's motions become slowed down and have a hard time walking. (Jason D 2010, 5) Another great risk at this stage is falling. ( Jason D 2010, 6) Due to the unbalance of the person this risk is increased. At this time much more powerful medications are prescribed to the patient. (Jason D 2010, 6)

Once onto (I think "in" might sound better than "onto" but thats not important :)) stage 4 everything becomes very much difficult for the person suffering from Parkinsons Disease.This stage is reffered (referred) to as "Advanced Parkinsons disease". (Jason D 2010, 7) People with stage 4 Parkinson's Disease are severely disabled. (McCoy 2013, 5) They are unable to complete their very simple day-to-day tasks as usual. (Jason D 2010, 6) This person would be unable to live by themselves. (Jason D 2010, 11) People at this stage are also recommended to be in a wheelchair (Jason D 2010,12) At this stage surgery is an option to slow down the symptoms.  (Jason D 2010, 13) However this option is always open to everyone. The person who is (are) interested in this surgery would have to be healthy and young, which isn't in always in most cases (Jason D 2010, 14)

The most advanced and severe stage is stage 5. (Jason D 2010, 16) Someone at this stage is not able to take care of themselves anymore. (Jason D 2010, 17) Stage 5 sufferers need around the clock care to keep well. (Jason D 2010, 18)something known as Cachexia occurs in this stage and this means that  their (there) is unwanted weight and muscle lost. (Jason D 2010, 19) At this stage someone suffering form Parkinson's Diseases life is over. (Jason D 2010, 20) They are no longer able to care for themselves. They cant walk around or enjoy life anymore. Their health begins to drop. (Jason D 2010,20) Patients become more prone to infection and disease. (Jason D 2010, 20)

There is no cure for the awful disease that is Parkinson's Disease. There may be surgeries or medication to control it but nothing can stop it. However one treatment that is used most often is called Carbidopa-Levodopa. (Stern 2013, 11)
Carbidopa- Levodopa is dopamine transfered into the brain. (Stern 2013, 12) Like any other treatment, however, there is (are) always side effects. (Stern 2013, 13) Some side effects of this treatment were bigger then others. They all varied from one end to another. One being muscle spasms. (Stern 2013, 13) Then another being irregular heart beats, nausea, hair loss, sleep disorders, confusion, anxiety, and hallucinations.( Stern 2013, 13) Even though the side effects sound bad for some these were all risks willing to be taken in order to fight for their happiness and well being. 

Parkinsons Disease takes many effects on someones brain. Not only does it take a toll on their mind but on their whole life. It effects what they can and can not do. Simple tasks someone thought they would be able to do all their life become a very difficult and frustrating  challenge. The shaking a patient suffers from never goes away. There is always movement in their body and no controlling it. Scientist work hard everyday to find cures for different terrible disease that take a big toll on people lives and their families everyday. This disease is one worth fighting for. Finding a cure would help more than thousands of people across the world who want to escape their pain and misery.
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