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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be immortal? Or maybe you've wonder if there are any possible ways to cure cancer. Some might think that it would take supernatural help to accomplish this. But scientists may have discovered a way that would not be as difficult.(Don't start your sentence with BUT..)  Resetting Neurons has captivated scientists for years. Neurons are nerve cells located in the brain that are the basic components involved in the nervous system. They are specialized cells that transmit impulses through the body. Resetting neurons could potentially cause the brain to revert to a younger age. Scientists are positive that this process can be done based on the discovery of the Immortal Jellyfish. The Immortal Jellyfish resets the neurons in its brain to become sexually mature. It constantly does this and is therefore considered immortal, unless killed by another animal. This discovery and recent research has given scientists hope of finally finding a cure for fatal viruses and diseases that provide a huge probability for the person to die. In this report I will explain what neurons are, how they can help people, and why they can help people who are suffering from illnesses that threaten theiFindings.(What are ifindings?)

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There are a lot of things that are important to first learn about neurons before you can understand how resetting them works. Neurons are nerve cells the are in the brain that are much like other cells, but also different in many ways.  ( this sentence does not make sense..) Some similarities include: a nucleus, cell membrane, mitochondria, golgi bodies, and cytoplasm(Cherry 2011 1, 2) (Don't start your sentences with but..)  But a big difference is that neurons stop growing very shortly after growing and do not go through mitosis. Some types of neurons include sensory neurons, motor neurons, and interneurons. (Cherry 2011 3) Sensory neurons gather information from the sensory receptors found around the body, and it brings it back to the brain. Motor neurons allow the muscles to work by sending information from the brain telling the muscles what movement to make. Interneurons are responsible for communicating information from one neuron to the next. Interneurons are composed of axons and dendrites. The dendrites in neurons receive information from the sensory receptothars(Do you mean Receptors..?)  throughout the body or receive information from other neurons (This sentence doesn't make sense.)  (Don't use the shortcut of information..) This information then travels through the axons in the form of action potential, or an electrical signal. Once the action potential reaches the axon's end, the information (Try to find another word for information..) is transmitted across a synapse to the next neuron's dendrites. Sometimes the jump across the synapse happens extremely fast (Cherry 2011 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8). Other times, neurotransmitters are needed to give the information to the neuron. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that are released by the axon to jump the synapse and reach the receptors of the other neuron. Neurotransmitters are important in everyday life. Some important neurotransmitters are Acetylcholine, Endorphins, and Dopamine. Acetylcholine associates with memory, muscle contractions, and learning abilities. Loss of Acetylcholine is usually considered with how most people are diagnosed  Alzheimer's disease. Endorphins are components in emotions and pain perceptions. The body usually releases Endorphins to respond to fear or trauma being triggered. Dopamine is associated with thoughts and most pleasurable feelings. Parkinson's disease is caused by lack of dopamine. Contrastingly, schitzophrenia is caused by excess amounts of dopamine. (Cherry 2011 9, 10) (<Which sentence is this hyperlink suppose to be in?)  The hippocampus is the part of the forebrain which is critical to the formation of memories. It also allows the brain fast (This part is confusing..)  and also easy access to the neocortex for memories that are essential for planning the future and generating creative ideas. Most studies of the hippocampus have been conducted on rodents and gave a rise to the spacial navigation theory (Buzsaki 2011 1). 

Being immortal.(Incomplete thought?..) This idea has become popular ever since humans have worshiped deities.(What are deities?) Thousands of plays, films, and novels have been created based off of the idea of never dying. The questions is, would making people immortal be a good thing? Studies have shown that resetting neurons in the brain greatly increases memory, making connections, and the results of resetting neurons. Diseases such as Cancer, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and Angleman syndrome are considered some of the most lethal diseases. These diseases can attack even the most healthy of individuals.  Due to the results of neurons, these diseases may not effect humans ever again. There is an animal that is adept(adapt?)  towards the process of restoring its own neurons. This animal is called the Turritopsis dorhnii jellyfish or as it is most commonly known as, the Immortal Jellyfish. Most jellyfish die within a year, but this particular jellyfish can live as long as something does not kill it. When the animal is hurt or deprived of food, they attach their body to a stable object and turn into a blob. This is referred to as the polyp stage in which the cells return to their juvenile stage. This process allows cells to serve different functions that differ from those that they served before the animal rebuilds itself. Even though some species of salamanders can grow new arms, legs, or tails, after one has been cut off, the Immortal Jellyfish is the only known animal that can revert to its polyp stage after sexual maturation. Though most people would want to use it on selfish things such as beauty creams or other beauty products, scientists will look forward to finding cures for cancer and other diseases. Even if victims of these diseases just hear of this study, they will gain hope that they will make it through whatever they are going through and also give hope to their families and close friends.(Reword..?)

There are many studies that are being conducted to test whether it is possible for neurons to forcibly be rest without damaging the individual. The answer is yes.The idea to use neural oscillation, or resetting neurons to an advantage, has been around for years.The brain has an ability to change neurons to adapt to new jobs in less than a second. By using this method, the brain can develop abilities that greatly outweigh those given to us at birth. The plasticity ,or its ability to change when needed,of the nervous system allows it to respond more quickly to physiological changes, enviornmental pressures, and experiences with functional changes that might last long after the events that drew out the neural plasticity are long gone. Plasticity is also present when recovering from movement or speech impairments that occur after injury, while healthy neurons in the brain are redirected to take on new responsibilities to ease the neurologic deficit in the area. This new formation of neurons may lead to new behavior patterns that are maladaptive, or incapable of providing adequate adjustment to the enviornment, and lack repairative and protective benifit. An example would be an amputee, or someone who's had a limb removed, who has serious and long-lasting phantom pain in the absence of a pain stimulus. Phantom pain is pain felt by someone who has recently been amputated. A "phantom limb" is when someone who has had a limb amputated still feels as if it were still there. An example would be someone who has had their foot amputated can still feel as if they can still move their toes around.
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All in all, the work going into the science of resetting neurons is enough to be able to see it being used to treat patients in a few years time. Families everywhere should look forward to the day when this treatment is available, especially the families of these patients.
I personally am glad that this topic is being studied because of my family members that suffer from lethal illnesses. This was the primary reason why I decided to choose this topic to write this research paper. Even the thought of being able to be cured would help a cancer patient that thought they had no chance of survival. Resetting neurons will play a great role in the future of medical tragedies.
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