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Brackett, 2012

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Food Safety
Robert Brackett, Ph.D., Vice President and Director, Institute for Food Safety & Health, Illinois Institute of Technology, explains how food science keeps our food supply safe.

[1]In a world without food science, food safety would be a guessing game. It would be up to consumers to decide what is safe, what is not. They would have to try to figure out what sort of microorganisms might be on their food and whether or not they should give it to their family.

[2]Food science provides the scientific base that ensures our food supply is safe—from initial storage through processing, transportation, and retail channels, until the consumer purchases the product—and beyond. [3]Every day, food scientists are developing new processes, monitoring conditions and testing foods for contamination in order to prevent foodborne illness. Pasteurization of milk is just one of many examples of processes that reduce the risk of foodborne illness and extend shelf life.
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