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EcoColumn Week 2

Created By: Jessica Stewart
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Ecocolumn Weekly Data Log
 February 8, 2013

Date of observation: 2/8/13

Date of previous observation: 1/29/13

Qualitative Data:
descriptions of what you see:
soil chamber: Thyme leaves sprouting; some mold; possible reactions from being in a green bottle

compost chamber: still some visible mold; leaves still not decomposed

aquatic chamber: water is clear; bubbles on leaves and stem

images of your system (upload to MyFiles; Images: or Videos before inserting into this document):
soil chamber:

compost chamber:

aquatic water chamber:

Quantitative Data
soil chamber
temperature: 22.4 degrees celsius
% moisture: 8%

compost chamber
temperature: 21.7 degrees celsius

% moisture:  -5%

water water chamber
temperature: 22 degrees celsius
pH: 8.1
dissolved Oxygen (DO) mg/L or ppm: 6.1
Ammonia ion concentration mg/L or ppm: .2
Nitrate ion concentration mg/L or ppm: 9.5
Chloride Ion concentration mg/L or ppm: 83
Any other requested quantitative test results:

How accurate was (were) your prediction(s) from last week?

Our predictions were off because we expected our DO to increase, but it did not.

Describe how far off you were and hypothesize why.

We expected our DO to be at least up by two points (8.0), but it remained the same as last week. (6.1)

What observations were of the greatest interest or concern to you this week?

Our dissolved oxygen content in the chamber with the animal.

What adjustments did you make to address your concerns?

We added our animal to the water chamber.

What do you predict you will observe next week because of these adjustments?

Possibly an increased dissolved oxygen, at least two points, and a change in the clarity of the water.

Any real world application to what you saw this week?
We observed how the addition of animals change the ecosystem and how the growth of plants also affect the ecosystem.









Weighting Factor








pH unit






Total Solids



Dissolved Oxygen






mg/l NO3-N


Fecal Coliform

CFU/100 mL


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