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Ecocolumn Week 2

Created By: Olivia Woods
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Date of observation: February 8, 2013

Date of previous observation: January 28, 2013

Qualitative Data:
descriptions of what you see:
soil chamber: plants grew, dry soil

compost chamber: banana peel is decomposed, banana stem has mold, lettuce is still green, bad smell

aquatic chamber: clear water, bubbles are formed, condensation, one leaf is browning at tips, Stanley (our snail) is still alive

images of your system (upload to MyFiles; Images: or Videos before inserting into this document):
soil chamber:

compost chamber:

aquatic water chamber:

Quantitative Data
soil chamber
% moisture:

compost chamber
% moisture: 

water water chamber
pH: 7.65
dissolved Oxygen (DO) mg/L or ppm:
Ammonia ion concentration mg/L or ppm:
Nitrate ion concentration mg/L or ppm:
Calcium ion concentration mg/L or ppm:
Chloride Ion concentration mg/L or ppm:
Any other requested quantitative test results:

How accurate was (were) your prediction(s) from last week?
We were accurate from last week when we said our banana peel would be more decomposed and we do have our snail.

Describe how far off you were and hypothesize why.
We weren't off.

What observations were of the greatest interest or concern to you this week?
The banana peel was decomposed and moldy.

What adjustments did you make to address your concerns?
There wasn't any adjustments to be made.

What do you predict you will observe next week because of these adjustments?

Any real world application to what you saw this week?
The decomposition of the banana, and the browning of the plant.
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