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Shane Coleman

Created By: Ken Pitts
Shane Coleman's Historian Page

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Lauren Wittkopf

Created By: Ken Pitts
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Created By: Ken Pitts


Holiday Party Guidelines (Dec. 8th)
Bring food, get food
The Hike on November 19 will be at Skyline at 8 am
if it rains, it's off
We will be removing a plot of grass in front of D Building
We got our frame from the Homecoming Parade!!!
Volunteers who helped build the float are invited to the Float Party!
Get it? 
play on words
Hope you can make it :)


There would be a few different groups
Each would have a community chair

Committee Ideas

  • Shark TV
  • Hikes
  • Recycling
  • Fundraising
  • Organic Cookout
  • Earth Awareness Week
  • Garden Crew
The last hike was very successful
treacherous but fun
Next Hike: November 19, 2011 
Holiday Party: December 8, 2011
We really all have to bring food
Not just one person
Bring food, you get to eat :)
Team Builder exercise was lots of fun

OCTOBER UPDATES (10/27/2011)

Sell your Smencils!!!
Oct. 31 and Nov 2, we’re meeting in Mr. Pitts’ Room (C107) to work on the float
  • We took a field trip to his room to check out the piece of art
  • Everyone liked the float

Historians need to step their game up because Mrs. Murillo and Mr. Pitts have been the photographers

For the Hikes/Clean-Up, you will need:
  • Trash bag
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Sunscreen

We officially need a new system with the whiteboards
Vote for Danielle Alvarez and Javier Barrientos for Homecoming King and Queen!
BRING money for the official Team E.A.R.T.H. t-shirts ($9) and hoodies ($20)
Don’t forget we will have a meeting on November 3 instead of on November 10


Semifinalist designs were chosen 
Eric Quaal's design won! Good Job Eric!
This winning design featured the Earth revolved by sharks forming the signature recycling
Honorable mention to Kathleen Mitchell's design
Skyline Hike postponed to October 29 at 8 am

Smencil sales are starting up!
Pick up smencils from Mrs. Murillo's room (D108)
Come in after or before school or during first lunch
Smencils will be sold for $1 each

Ways to Go Green
  • Instead of using a plastic bucket, use a pillowcase or canvas bag to carry your candy
  • Make/Donate/Reuse your costumes
  • Do a Costume Swap
  • Use soy candles inside of your Jack-O-Lanterns, instead of wax candles
  • Use solar-powered lights to decorate your pathways and houses
  • Get your costume from a thrift store
  • Give out organic treats
  • Give out smencils instead of candy
  • Compost your pumpkins -- If you can't yourself, bring your pumpkin to Mr. Pitt's room (C107)


The Budget was approved

Fundraising will be starting with smencil sales
T- Shirt design contest will be starting ($25 cash prize for winner) and the designs can unofficially be up to three colors (preferably one color), not detailed, and not many lines
Hoodies are $20

T-Shirts ($9)

Green (2)
Dark Blue (6)
White (7)
Black (1)
Light Blue (2)
Solar Yellow (4)
Tiger Fruit Orange (0)
Neon Green (0)
Neon Blue (0)

Top Three
Dark Blue (14) *Winner*
White (7)
Solar Yellow (2)

Regular Tee (15) *Winner*
Baseball Shirt (8)


Princess- Danielle Alvarez
Prince- Javier Barrientos

Parade  - Eight people said they would help out
-Endangered Circus Animals in a Cage of Water Bottles

Dates to Remember

October 10- T-Shirt design deadline
October 13- Winning Design will be announced
October 15- Skyline Hike (8am)
October 24- Pick up smencils from Mrs. Murillo’s class
December 2- Turn in smencil money
Upcoming Meetings (changes have been made) -
November 3
November 17
December 8

President: Danielle Alvarez
Vice-President: Eliza Barrientos
Secretary: Danielle Thomas
Treasurer: Javier Barrientos
Historians: Shane Coleman, Josh Inga, Kathleen Mitchell,Lauren Wittkopf
Publicists: Brigitte V., Nadia Karapetian, Zareena Samlal
*Officers meet each Monday before the meeting

Club Activity Ideas
Shark TV
Bracelet Sales & Smencils
Key chains Dog tags
Hikes (TBA)
Once a month
F.B.L.A goes green
Recycling Contest
Guest Speaker
Measles Vaccination 29¢
Gardens and Plots (South Corona Community Garden)
pair with elderly to grow healthy food for them
Organic Cookout
Theater Presentation
Dumpster Diving (exposing food waste in America)
Guest speakers
Earth Day Festival/Week
Earth Awareness Day
Class Competition (grades)
Multi-Cultural Fair Booth
Teacher Walk-Off
Bike Wash/Tune-up
Shoe Tutorial
Solar Panels Petition
Partner w/ Cooking Club
Group Beach Clean-Up
Meet at Train
Announcements Broadcasts
Fun Facts
Replant/Maintain D-Building Garden

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Past Events

Created By: Ken Pitts
Past Events

Team EARTH has been active this year (2010-11) with a variety of activities.  We try to choose activities that help get our message of sustainability out to the public.  We also have chosen activities that put us in contact with nature.  Team EARTH students believe those people most acquainted with the environment and local ecosystems will invest the most effort to save them from destruction.  People rarely fight for something they do not know or understand.  

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Coming Events

Created By: Ken Pitts
Coming Events

Team EARTH is planning to meet on Wednesday April 13 so we can prepare for celebrating Earth Day on Friday of the next week (April 22).  We need you to bring old worn out T-shirts and other colorful cloth to be cut into 1 inch strips about 1 meter long.  These will be braided by club members and volunteers into bracelets to be given to Santiago students caught "celebrating" Earth Day on that Friday.
T-shirt Bracelet

Meeting:  Team EARTH
Where:  Santiago Room D108
Time:  Wednesday April 13 at 3:00pm until finished
Who:  Team EARTH members and friends
What:  We will cut T-shirts and braid them into friendship bracelets.
Why:  Because we care!  

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Community Tours

Created By: Ken Pitts
Community Tours


To understand the concept of sustainability, people must be knowledgeable about where they get their food, where their energy comes from, where their water comes from, and where their wastes go.  Moving toward sustainability would mean consuming more locally produced goods, using water more efficiently, and going easy on the waste outputs.  It takes a great deal of energy to meet those needs.

That was easy for Santiago students to see when they toured Corona's city water treatment, water reclamation, and desalination facilities.  Over 25% of California's energy goes into moving and treating water for its inhabitants that mostly live in water poor areas. Water is big business in Southern California.  See a photo tour of Corona's water reclamation facilities.

Corona's Farmers' Market options.  She wrote about the benefits of growing and buying locally produced fruits and vegetables.  See how you could do that and also discover some great recipes for incorporating more plant food into your diet deliciously! 

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