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Gambassa Tutorial

Created By: Ken Pitts

I have assembled some beta instructional videos on how to use some of Gambassa's features.  These are done with the idea that you want to do research papers and need your students to be able to assign themselves projects.  You can see this tutorial and the videos in my SHARE section (see video)

Step 1:  Students need to sign up for an account at Gambassa.

Step 2:  Students need to make there science teacher a PEOPLE connection (see video).  They can then connect with as many other students in the class as they want to.  They need to connect with all students in the class if you want them to see each other's work, such as blogs.

Step 3:  Students should make WEB DOCUMENTS in the SHARE tab so they can begin gathering their sources (see video).

Step 4:  Students should assign themselves the "Project Report" by going to the PROJECTS TAB and START A NEW PROJECT (see video).  They should remember that they are IMPLEMENTORS because they are initiating the process of assigning themselves the project.  Their teacher is the MANAGER of the project and evaluator.

Step 5: Students need to begin work on the research paper by going to the WORK LIST tab and clicking on the project they assigned themselves.

Step 6:  Students can bring up their Web Documents where their sources are in a new tab on their browser by right clicking SHARE, Web Documents, and opening a new tab for each.

Step 7:  Students should highlight in yellow the text in their documents that could possibly be used in their research paper.

Step 8:  Students should make anchors in their web documents for each source paragraph that they highlight in yellow.

Step9:  Students should write their papers.  If they use highlighted text in their sources, they should highlight it in bright green color.

Step 10:  I like for students to parenthetically reference using the author's last name, year of publication, and the anchor # (Jones 2010, 3).  The anchor number is hyperlinked to the source and anchor where the idea was found.    
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