Event timelines

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jpg fossil fuel
fossil fuel
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg columbus landing
columbus landing
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg sahara
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg archeopteryx
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg first reptiles
first reptiles
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg homo erectus fossils
homo erectus fossils
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg rodinia
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg first plant on earth
first plant on earth
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg blue green algae
blue green algae
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg wheels
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg hunter gatherers
hunter gatherers
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg homo sapiens arrive in america
homo sapiens arrive in america
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg cave paintings
cave paintings
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg first insects
first insects
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg amphibians evolving
amphibians evolving
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg first bee evolve
first bee evolve
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg modern animals
modern animals
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg first mammals
first mammals
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg vendian fossil
vendian fossil
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg metazoan fossil
metazoan fossil
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg mesoproterozoic
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg first animals-trilobites
first animals-trilobites
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg tetrapods and arthropods
tetrapods and arthropods
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg triassic jurassic extinction
triassic jurassic extinction
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg atlantic ocean first opened
atlantic ocean first opened
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction
Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg adaptive radiation
adaptive radiation
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg primate begin to appear
primate begin to appear
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg humans diverge from apes
humans diverge from apes
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg grasslands begin to form
grasslands begin to form
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg anarctica
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg apes
Joey Lopez 10/09/2011
jpg santiago today
santiago today
Joey Lopez 10/10/2011
jpg santa ana mountains
santa ana mountains
Joey Lopez 10/10/2011
jpg epoch
Joey Lopez 10/10/2011
jpg ice at the north pole
ice at the north pole
Joey Lopez 10/10/2011
jpg ice age
ice age
Joey Lopez 10/10/2011
jpg fire making by humans
fire making by humans
Joey Lopez 10/10/2011
jpg fossil of homo sapien
fossil of homo sapien
Joey Lopez 10/10/2011
jpg homo sapiens arrive
homo sapiens arrive
Joey Lopez 10/10/2011
jpg last ice sheet retreating
last ice sheet retreating
Joey Lopez 10/10/2011
jpg born in 1995
born in 1995
Joey Lopez 10/10/2011

Step: Joey's Timeline_Event timelines

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Step 1: Event timelines

TImeline Editor
APES LIFE HISTORY ANALOGY If all of life's history (3.7 billion years)  were the distance from Australia to Hawaii (5,065 miles), then the following events would happen at:

 Your Analogy Value
Years Ago  Description of Events That Affected Life on EARTH  Picture or Videos 
 1  0  0 Now is an interesting time to live.  It seems we have so many decisions to make and problems to solve, but life is flourishing on our planet right at this moment.  Conditions are right for life.
 2  2.3e-5  17
We were born.
 3  2.4e-4  180  Fossil fuel revolution.  
 4  6.9e-4 506 Columbus lands in the new world.  
 5  7.5e-2  5,500  Invention of writing and the wheel.  
 6  1.0e-2  7,600  Sahara desert starts to form in northern Africa.  
 7  1.3e-2  10 thousand  Humans lived as hunter-gatherers.  
 8  2.4e-2  18 thousand  Homo sapiens arrive in the Americas.  
 9  2.0e-2  15 thousand  Last ice sheet retreats from Nothern United States.  
 10  4.3e-2  32 thousand  Oldest known cave paintings.  
 11  6.8e-2  50 thousand  Homo sapiens arrive in the Middle East and Asia.  
 12  .13  100 thousand  Homo sapiens appear in the fossil record.  
 13  .82  600 thousand  
Age of Homo Erectus fossils from Ethiopia.
 14  1.91  1.4 million  First fire making by humans.  
 15  2.73  2 million  Pliestocene ice age begins.  
 16  4.1  3 million  Cooling trend causes ice to from at the North Pole.  
 17  4.65  3.4 million  Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy) fossils lived in Ethiopia.  
 18  5.47  4 million  Climate was very warm during the Epoch and sea level was 30 meters higher than today.  
 19  6.84  5 million  Humans diverge from apes.  
 20  12.32  9 million  San Andreas fault begins to be active and creates Santa Ana mountains.  
 21  28.74  21 million  Apes diverge from monkey counterparts.  
 22  32.85  24 million  Cooling of Earth causes formation of grasslands, Antarctica becomes covered in ice.  
 23  46.54  34 million  Australia and South America seperate and form Antarctica.  
 24  68.44  50 million  Primates begin to appear.  
 25  88.97  65 million  Adaptive radiation of mammals.  
 26  91.71  67 million  Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction, 50% of all species die out. End of dinosaurs.  
 27  95.82  70 million   India and Asia collide, forming the Himalayas.
 28  136.89  100 million  Insects begin to diversify, first bee is evolved.  
 29  156  114 million  The world begins to cool, first modern mammals.  
 30  177.9  130 million  Flowering plants begin to bloom.  
 31  216  145 million  Altantic ocean first opens.  
 32  219  160 million  First birds.  
 33  273.8  200 million  First mammals.  
 34  280.6  205 million  Triassic-Jurassic extinction, end of large amphibians and reptiles.  
 35  335.3  245 million  Huge mass extinction at end of Permian period/ close of the Paleozoic era.  
 36  342.2  250 million  Permian-Triassic extinction, 90% of all species die out.  
 37  428.5  313 million  First reptiles develop.  
 38  513.3  375 million  Amphibians evolve.  
 39  540.7  395 million  First insects on Earth.  
 40  547.5  400 million  Tetrapods and arthropods appreared during the Devonian age.  
 41  626.9  458 million  First land plants.  
 42  698.1  510 million  First fossil fish.  
 43  766.6  560 million  First appearence of a group of large fossils, known as "Vendian Biota".  
 44  917.1  670 million  First animals on Earth develop.  
 45  1059.1  800 million  The supercontinent Rodinia begins to seperate.  
 46  1232  900 million  Oldest metazoan fossils.  
 47  1779.5  1.3 billion  Earth was 540 days and 14 months for one year.  
 48  2190.2  1.6 billion  First blue-green algae.  
 49  3285.4  2.4 billion  The Earth's atmosphere gets oxygen .  
 50  5065  3.7 billion years ago  Heterotrophic, anaerobic, prokaryotes show up in the fossil record.  The rounded rocks in the picture are stromatolite heads colonies of bacteria from over 3 billion years ago.