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the bridge
Josh Guerrero 06/05/2012 tgrtg

Step: Music Technology Final Project by Josh Guerrero._Submission of Work

Directions for Step: Working within the directions and objectives provided by the instructor, you will insert your multimedia files into your own library first, then insert them into the project using the editor. Note: the editor supports html and stylesheets allowing you to customize your layout if desired/allowed. Consider using some of the templates available using the template manager in the editor.
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Step 1: Submission of Work

Music Technology Final Project The Bridge
Multimedia Submission
For my final project my friend and I have created a pop song (no lyrics) for a singer/songwriter we work with.

The title of the song is The Bridge and it is a pop song at 120bpm. The outline of the song goes Intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus/outro
The tracks used, were live guitar, bass, addictive drums(program) and a couple synths. The song was made on logic and here is a dropbox link to download it

The Bridge

picture taken by my good friend dirk dallas