Shawn Valcarcel
Shawn Valcarcel

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jpg Dick Clark
Dick Clark
Shawn Valcarcel 05/29/2013
jpg The Twist
The Twist
Shawn Valcarcel 05/29/2013
jpg Chubby Checker
Chubby Checker
Shawn Valcarcel 05/29/2013 Ernest Evans, best known as Chubby Checker, recorded "The Twist" for Cameo Records. The Hank Ballad cover became one of the best selling and most memorable events in rock and roll history.

Step: Rock Research Project by Fatimah Safari_Review

Directions for Step: Please read and grade the project. Please be mindful of effort, length, quality of expression, authenticity and completeness.
Directions for Form: Please assign a number grade 1-100 and please provide useful feedback.

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