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APES 2010

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Overview: The lessons taught in this class on living sustainably are extremely necessary for our world's population to know. Learning this information hopefully causes people to realize that in order to continue living, we need to change our way of living and this involves everyones cooperation. The amount of non-renewable resources we use is horendous and causes us to degrade our environment. This AP Environmental class gives us the oppurtunity to really learn in depth the ways to change our way of living for the better to help not only ourselves but the environment we live in. From huge public actions to small things you can do alone in your own home, it shows ways to help sustain our environment.

Impact: This class definently had an impact on me becasue it made me realize we really are killing ourselves by destroying the environment. I didn't realize it as much before that? common used items we purchase or use are not good for the environment. Our ?Things have changed in my own house to be more sustainable such as recycling and installing toilet flappers that save water. Also by learning this information, it's possible for me to inform other people what?I learned in this class to hopefully get more people to realize how necessary this act is and to start thinking more environmentally friends. Hopefully it will change their mind as it changed mine.

Future: Although I'm not sure if I'm interested in having an actual job involving "Living Green," I hope to let close friends and family know the benefits of living more sustainably and being environmental friendly. Over the years, if more people share it with others, hopefully we would have much less envionrmental problems. This will then caue us to live longer and happier. The fate of Earth is in our hands and it is our actions that will determine what happens to it.
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