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APES 2010

Year Overview: This years AP Environmental class has taught me more things than I thought it would.? Although many topics discussed in this course seemed to be similar to topics in my freshman year biology class, they were still usefull.? The vocabulary was good to learn because it gave me better insight into environmental terms I hear in everyday life; such as on the news and more recently in politics.

Impact: This class has not impacted me too much because most of the impactfull things we learned I had already known.? Despite this, certain topics we studied did give me more imformation about our world thats is usefull for my future and life in general.? This new information helped me better form my own opinions on topics that are debatable in our time.

Future: In the future I hope i will use the information about things such as recycling and gardening to better my life.? One thing we learned that I found to be very usefull was organic food and why we shouldnt waste food.? I feel as though these things will come in handy when I have to live alone and move out.
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