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1)  Check to see if your hyperlink works in your research paper by clicking the "Project View" tab.  If it says "You do not have permission to view that page," then you know you have made an error.  YOU DID NOT COPY THE "SHARE LINK" properly.  The "share link" is found by going to your "Web Document' you want to hyperlink to and clicking on the little world icon.  DO NOT COPY THE URL ADDRESS FROM THE TOP OF THE PAGE.  Copy the "Share Link" from the little world icon.
2) USING 1st & 2nd PERSON:  It is only appropriate to use 1st (I, me, us, we, our) and 2nd (you, your) person pronouns in your Introduction and Conclusion when you are writing about how this job would suit your life.  The FINDINGS OF YOUR PAPER SHOULD BE ONLY FORMAL 3RD PERSON.
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