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Green Cheeked Conures.
Everything you need to know before getting a Green cheeked conure.

The green cheeked conure is a very comical, friendly, smart, and loving pet. [1]They are known to be 2-3 Oz. in weight and 10 in. in length. These birds come in beautiful colors of Green, Blue, Red and there's a distinctive white mask around their eyes. Although these are the main colors, sometimes there can be mutations. There is nothing wrong with these birds, they are just different colors than the others. Mutation meaning difference or variation. Some of the variations are: pineapple, turquoise, and cinnamon. These birds rarely squawk which makes them good pets, but you can teach them to talk. Birds are incredibly smart they can have a vocab of up to 120 words! These are no bird brains! ;)

The green cheeked conure's diet contains of 30% pellet feed and 10% seeds. These birds LOVE fresh fruit and veggies! Their favorite snacks are bananas, raisins, and Popcorn! Make sure that you don't feed them things that are too fatty though, and make sure to clip their wings or they will fly away! If your bird has developed Kidney problems then Do not feed them pellets!!! If they get too much seeds it can be deadly.
Green cheeked conures need a very large cage to be happy and healthy, but if you were to have your Conure out around the house or apartment you could get a smaller cage.Make sure to get LOTS Of toys! They love toys and can easily entertain themselves given the toys to do so. Their favorites are bells, wooden toys, and mirrors. Make sure to get something to wear down their nails. I recommend that you get a stick with sand stuck to it this is fun for them to perch on, they come in a variation of cute colors, and it wears the nails down!
Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay. But their native to south Africa.

The average conure will lay 4-6 eggs and the incubation time for these eggs are 22-26 days.

Claws, flying and biting. The bite of a parrot or other bird could take a chunk out of your finger so be careful!!

Fun Facts!:
~Did you know that the green cheeked conure loves to be held and bonds with whoever raises it.
~Did you know that the conure loves toys?
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