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What do green sea turtles look like?

To get an estimate on how green sea turtles grow, their shells are around 2 inches at birth and [1]by the time they become adults they're about 2 1/2 f feet and are anywhere between 200-350 pounds! Their shells are often covered in green algae and it's very difficult to distinguish between the males and females at birth. However, when they become adults, males will have a longer and thicker tail than the females and will also develop a single mating claw on the trailing edge of their fore flippers.

Where do green sea turtles live?

Sea turtles are found throughout the oceans, but mainly [2]they're found off the cost of Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, and in Hawaii. The Hawaiian population of green turtles appears to be genetically isolated from other populations in the Pacific, as they remain within Hawaiian waters throughout their lives.

What do green sea turtles eat?

Green sea turtles get their name from the color of their body fat, which is green from the algae that they eat. [3]Adult green sea turtles are herbivorous, meaning they eat plants. However, when the green sea turtles are younger they are carnivorous, meat eating. They live off jellyfish, plankton, and fish eggs around where they were hatched for 3-7 years. [4]They migrate to the coral reefs where plant life is more plentiful and become exclusively herbivores.

How do green sea turtles reproduce?

Baby Green Sea Turtles. Image From allthesea.com/Green-Sea-Turtles.htmlHawaiian [5]green sea turtles do not reach sexual maturity until they are about 25 years old, sometimes taking up to 50 years! Once sexually mature, adults migrate from the foraging grounds to the nesting grounds. Males migrate every year, arriving ahead of the females. Females only migrate every 2-4 years. It is believed that females actually return to the same place where they were born. Mating starts in March and nesting occurs from late April through September, with a peak in June and July. The female sea turtle lays her eggs on the shore, because of this she must drag herself out of the waters using her front flippers. This is difficult becasue she must carry her 350 pound body thought the sand. Upon making her nest, she carves it out with her back flippers, lays approximately 100 eggs, covers the nest with sand to disguise it from predators, and then leaves.
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