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An Investigation of the Manifest Dream Content Associated with Migraine Headaches: A Study of the Dreams That Precede Nocturnal Migraines

Heather-Greener G.Q.· Comstock D.a· Joyce R.b
aDepartment of Counseling and Human Services, St. Mary’s University, andbTexas Headache Institute, San Antonio, Tex., USA
Psychother Psychosom 1996;65:216–221 (DOI:10.1159/000289078)


Background:[1] Clinical observations of a relationship between unpleasant dreams and migraine headaches have been reported previously. Methods: Due to the anecdotal quality of these case reports, this study empirically investigated the significance of this relationship.[2] Dream content categories were selected corresponding to emotional factors associated with stress that trigger migraine headaches. A total of 37 migraineurs recorded 10 dreams each, 5 that preceded migraines and 5 that did not. Results: Univariate F tests revealed that 4 of the 5 variables contributed significantly to the overall effect, specifically anger, misfortune, apprehension, and aggressive interactions. Conclusions:[3] Recommendations include discussing the predictive value of dreams with regard to nocturnal migraine attacks, and therapeutic implications are suggested.
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