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Demons and Sleep Paralysis

By missvzla (2 stories) (33 posts) (the author is a middle age adult)
Date: 2007-02-21
Country: United States
State: California
Paranormal Category: Old Hags / Night Attacks / Sleep Paralysis

Back in the 80's, I was a bit of a party girl. Hey nothing wrong with that, I was in my early twenties and liked to dance and live it up on the weekends. At that particular time, I lived with my sister Lucille in Whittier near Washington Blvd & Broadway. I would often come home pretty buzzed and would go right to sleep. That was the time that I would see, hear and feel "unexplainable visitors". My niece who was 5 at the time, says she would hear me talking to people and sometimes she would hear me laughing or crying. She assumed I was on the phone so she never gave it much thought (heck she was just 5 why would she). Crazy thing, is that I would also hear people and do remember talking to someone. Many a time I thought it was just the alcohol and that I was in that deep sleep that most drunk people get in when they hit the pillow and crash. But I know I wasn't dreaming. I heard the voice and I could hear my own voice as well. There were several times I could not get up and had my eyes open seeing someone coming down the hallway towards me. I was terrified and kept trying to move any part of my body or yell but I never could. And these were in the morning already so there was light in my room and all through the house.

One day I woke up to find I was being made love to. I'm not kidding, I could feel the darn thing inside me and felt the whole endorphin rush. I would also like to add that the sleep paralysis and conversations were not only when I would could home after partying. This would happen on normal, everyday work nights. My 5 year old niece told us one time that she saw a figure standing at her doorway looking in at her. She hid under the covers and passed out (fell asleep). In the morning she was full of sweat from being under the covers. It's a miracle she didn't suffocate. She said that she thought it was me coming home from a late night but I was already home and in bed. She is now 24 and she still swears she saw a figure looking in at her that night.

Well, one day I was just staring at the walls in my bedroom thinking and my God, if I didn't see faces of demons. The walls had wood paneling on them and yes, wood paneling is like the clouds where you can see several different things in it. But I could actually see two forms of demons. I told my sister about that and she told me to keep quiet because she didn't want me scaring my niece. I really wonder if that had anything to do with all that... The wood paneling was taken down and they painted instead...

Fast forward now to 2003 and I am now living in Sun Valley (next to Burbank) with my sister Rose and we are in the process of packing up because she bought a house in Whittier near my mom. One Saturday morning, I woke up tired, cranky, irritable and just did not want to work. I did not feel like packing any boxes or cleaning or sweeping, I just didn't. I told my sister I was not feeling well, so she left me alone (I could tell she got pissed). So as I'm laying there on the bed (it was about 10:30am) [1I suddenly could not move. I could not scream and I could not think. One thing I could do was HEAR and I heard two distinct voices: One was a demonic woman that said "we should have never let you get away from us" - then a demonic man's voice that said "this time you will not get away from us"... I struggled and struggled and felt my mouth moving and calling my sister Rose, actually I know I was screaming her name - but she was downstairs in the garage and could in no way hear me. After what seemed like an eternity, the pressure suddenly left and I got up. I ran downstairs and asked Rose if she could hear me calling her name, she said No. I told her what happened and she said why didn't you pray to God? I said that I couldn't think, I was just too scared and it caught me off guard.

To this day I wonder who the heck those demons were and what they meant by "we should have never let you get away from us".... Was it the same forces that were tormenting me back at my sister Lucille's house in 1989? What's weird is that was the first time I actually heard a female demon voice because at Lucille's I always heard male voices.... Here we are in 2007 and every now and then I get the sleep paralysis but I am thoroughly prepared. I have dreams where I actually talk down the demons that are attacking me and act like some sort of super hero. I rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ and it always works, they are defeated. For all of you who have been having this happen to you, I notice that none of you rebuke the demons but instead try to fight them off or scream. Rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ will send them fleeing, trust me, they are powerful words. I've always felt that there is some kind of power struggle going on for my soul. I have never done drugs or played with Ouija boards or anything like that, but I have been suffering from depression for a while now and I know that demons head straight for those that suffer from this. We are easy targets but we can defeat them with simply rebuking them in Jesus' name.

One time that sleep paralysis hit me, I could not remember the word "Rebuke" and I could not get those bastards off of me. I instead kept telling them in a sissy way to get off me and leave me alone. As you know, any bully hearing those words will just pound on you more. I notice that after the attacks are over, I am exhausted, both mentally and physically. But it seems that they have left me alone for now and I am somewhat at peace...

A funny thing did happen about 3 or 4 months ago though. I was sleeping on a day bed and one morning I got up a little too early for work, so I got up to turn off the alarm before it went off, because it is loud and always scares the heck out of me, and to put on my fuzzy booties. I then laid back down in bed but I scooted all the way towards the bottom of the bed so I could rest my feet up on the metal frame... I somehow managed to fall deep asleep again and was going to be late for work. I say "going to be late" because of the weird thing that happened next. Remember that I had my feet up on the metal frame so they were resting at the top right?. Well something, or someone, "whacked" my feet hard and it startled me awake. I sat up thinking someone was there like my mom, but I was alone... I know I felt it because it shook my whole body and I woke up. It was like some old mother coming by your bed and smacking you with that "get up you good for nothing lazy son of biscuit eater" attitude... But what amazed me was that I was awaken at the usual time that I get up (6am)... That, right there, proves it was no unusual coincidence because first of all, I felt the hard whack and secondly it hit me at the exact time to get up... I have 3 cats that sleep in my room. At the time this happened I had my black cat laying next to me but she never reacted in any way at all like most animals do when they sense a ghostly presence... However this "thing" that whacked me did not seem evil, how do I know? I could just tell or rather I could just feel it. It seemed like a genuine, caring spirit like a guardian angel that people say we all have.

I live at home with my mom now and back in my old room from high school. Nothing weird has ever happened in that room except for the recent whacking of my feet that woke me up. I am not a church goer but I'm strongly anchored in my faith with God and pray to him all day long. I know that my faith protects me like an armor, but I also know I am weak in many areas, one of them being depression. Demons will look for any chink in the armor to break in and depression is one of their favorites so maybe that's why I always feel like I am in some sort of tug of war and have to constantly be on guard. I'm just glad I know now what I didn't know back in 1989 and I sure hope that those of you reading this will start rebuking the demons when you find yourself being pinned down or menaced...

Remember the words "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ"... Say it over and over and say it loudly even if you can only say it in your head... People, please put on your suit of armor and don't be demon doormats anymore... Best of luck to you all.
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