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Stem Cell Research

Although many people have a superficial understanding of the concept of human cloning and the issue of stem cell research, the technical aspect of this process is largely ignored. While the reproductive side of cloning has drawn a lot of criticism by both industry experts and other organizations, the medical use of therapeutic cloning may be one area where the technology can be used in a positive manner. To learn more about the subject, a person should start with researching stem cell research and how the stem cells are used in the therapeutic cloning process.

[1]Basically, stem cells are found in every living organism. These are the base level cells that are able to replicate themselves and form more complex structures, such as body organs in a human. Mammals have two types of stem cells, embryonic and adult models. The former group is responsible for developing a mammal to a mature state and the secondary group is responsible for repairing the body after maturity has been reached. Because researchers are still learning about stem cell roles in the body, it is thought that the introduction of these cells could be used to treat a wide variety of medical ailments by pushing the body to repair itself.

[2]In fact, there are already some uses of stem cells that are recognized as beneficial to a patient. When a person has leukemia, one of the more advanced treatments is a transplant of bone marrow that helps slow the debilitating condition of the person. Researchers believe that the cultivation of stem cells could give more possible treatments to those patients that have suffered a stroke, have Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, or a number of different disorders and problems. Still, not everyone agrees on the issue of stem cell research and many that are against the study argue that it could easily cause cancer in patients. Until more research has been done on this sensitive topic, the controversy will continue.
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