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Mihir Pandya Human Population Control Plan
Project Name : Mihir Pandya Human Population Control Plan
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Mihir Pandya Human Population Control Plan

A)    Imagine a world where: people are constantly at war with one another, burning forests and fossil fuels in order to quench their unwavering needs and wants, spreading viruses from person to person, malnourished, unable to gain access to clean drinking water, struggling to find their next meal, and only living to be thirty years old. This could be Earth in the near future if there is no human population control. It is projected that there will be 8.9 billion people on Earth by 2050 with much of the projected growth expected to take place developing countries. If human population growth is not curbed there will be noticeable consequences. There will be an increase in the use of natural resources and a sharp increase in the amount of pollution, deforestation, armed conflict between nations, diseases,  drastic climate change, and an alarming disparity between the rich and poor. Mass species extinctions may occur as a result of the reduced habitats in tropical rain forests due to slash and burn techniques. Increased infant and child mortality rates will inevitably result, as well as increased intensive factory farming to support the large population. There will also be a decrease in biodiversity, standard of living, life expectancy, and personal freedom. Finally, there will be a decline in food security because people will not have access to enough nutritious foods to have an active and healthy life. This would be a world that would be unbearable for just about any human being to survive, let alone thrive, in. 

B)      Many different social, political, and ethnic groups have varying points of view on family planning. For instance, liberal Christians argue that women have the right to control their own bodies and therefore should not have to carry a pregnancy to term if they choose not to. On the other hand, conservative Christians believe that there is more than just the woman’s body at stake when a pregnancy is ended deliberately. There is a vulnerable unborn life that will be sacrificed if an abortion is carried out. Furthermore, Hindus show no opposition to contraception, however, there is a general opposition to abortion except where it is necessary to save the mother’s life. Also, Buddhists reject abortion because it involves the deliberate destroying of a life, but they do support health care for pregnant women and infants. Finally, Protestants believe that the use of birth control is a moral decision that is left up to the couple. It is because of these points of views and many others that it is extremely difficult to curb human population growth, because getting all of these groups to agree on one plan is a pain-staking task. It is impossible to the change the minds of people that have thought a particular way for hundreds of years and are not willing to compromise their beliefs. They continue to believe that their way of approaching matters is the right way, which is quite self-righteous of them.

C)     A few solutions that could be implemented in order to curb human population growth would be to help countries develop and implement national population policies, to provide universal access to family planning services and reproductive health care, and sharply reducing current poverty levels. We could also provide better healthcare and nutritious food supplements for children and women, universal education with special emphasis on girls and women, and improve the status of women by not suppressing their human rights, help them hold a paying job outside the home, and educating them. Moreover, it might be beneficial for countries to bring together pro-choice and pro-life groups to reduce unplanned births and abortions, as well as increase the involvement of men in child-rearing responsibilities and family planning. Countries should also consider reduce unsustainable patterns of addiction and consumption. Finally, it is imperative that nutritious school lunch programs be launched in low-income countries to increase attendance and academic achievement.

D)    The plan that I would implement in order to curb human population growth would consist of investing heavily in family planning, empowering women through education, reducing poverty rates, and providing adequate healthcare. Most of this would be accomplished by having developed countries, such as the United States, fund programs that help aid developed countries in dealing with population control. The reasons that I chose these options for my plan is because I have first hand seen the consequences of not attempting to curb human population growth in my native country of India. Words cannot explain the horror I have experienced from the women being treated as second-class citizens, who are valued for only their reproductive abilities. I have seen the amount of families that are begging on the street for passerby’s to spare some food, numerous families living in make shift homes, small children unable to have the antibiotics that can cure their infections, and suffering from severe malnutrition. This is no way for a child, let alone billions of other people to live. The impact of these images is only magnified by the thought that this could be the standard of living for people worldwide in the near future. These problems will be evident on a global scale if we fail to take action now. People should not be satisfied with the way things are, because it is quite clear that we need to reevaluate the path that we are on and look for alternatives that will prevent us from slamming into the wall that we are currently heading toward.  By using my plan stated above, I strongly believe that the human population will have a brighter future that will help lessen the strain that our ever-increasing population is having on the Earth and her natural resources.

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