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Rebecca Oliver Population Control Plan
Project Name : Rebecca Oliver Population Control Plan
Description : An essay describing the necessity of human population control, as well as a practical plan to do so.
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Rebecca Oliver's Population Control Plan
A. It is absolutely critical for human population growth to be curbed, as uninhibited expansion of the human race will result in environmental and societal disaster.  The environment itself would be experience higher levels of degradation.  This includes a rising rate of extinction amongst species worldwide (1).  Many of these plants and  animals would be displaced from their natural habitats, while others would be over-hunted.  Resources such as drinkable water and usable croplands would become more of a rarity (1) as population growth rose as well, and is estimated to effect billions of people within the next couple of decades.  Also, an increase in human beings would necessitate higher factory outputs to support the lifestyles of individuals in developed countries.  As pollution and greenhouse gases often go hand-in-hand with functioning factories, global warming would become even more of an issue in the years to come.  For another matter, higher populations and more dense concentrations of people would allow diseases to spread with greater ease.  Many individuals, especially those without sanitized communities or medical care would die or be crippled as a result.  Perhaps most harrowing of all, however, is the fact that as natural resources dwindled, people would wage wars and kill one another just to provide security for themselves, their families, or perhaps their countries (2).

B. While most would agree that human population growth must be slowed, an agreement of how to go about doing so has yet to form.  Various religions' points of view on family planning and abortion complicate matters greatly.  For example, Catholics desire to protect all life, and subsequently prohibit all forms of birth control and abortion.  They, like many faith systems, believe that life begins at conception, and therefore may not be terminated.  However, because they also believe that children are a part of God's sovereign plan, they do not use birth control either.  Fundamentalist Christians do not usually frown upon birth control methods, but also regard abortion as equivalent to murder.  The latter sentiment is also present in Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and other religions.  Islam does not condone abortion, and women are often extremely ignorant about any form of birth control.  Religious shcolars often claim to support justice and human rights, and therefore believe that neither abortion or birth control should be limited.  Buddhists, unlike many other belief systems, do not put any emphasis on producing children.  The inherent conflict between all of these worldviews and others disallow any headway to be made on a population control plan.  While I firmly disagree with abortion and some forms of birth control as immoral due to my religious beliefs, one could still argue that both of these ideas would indeed slow human population growth.  When not even some form of birth control can be used, the number of human beings will continue to rise exponentially beyond the Earth's carrying capacity.  Because nearly no one is willing to compromise their religious beliefs, there is still indecision in how to effectively stop humans from prolifically procreating. 

C. Though the road to forming a plan will be fraught with disagreement and heated quarrels, there are still various ideas that are at least worth discussing:
    1.  Educating women.
    2.  Ensuring that men are more involved in raising their children.
    3.  People in general should be made aware about several forms of birth control.  
    4. Free birth control. 
    5. The problem of poverty must be addressed.  
    6. Immunizing children.
    7. World hunger must be solved.   
    8. Research for safer forms of birth control.   
    9. Women are to be given more respect, and to be valued more. 
   10. More affordable health care.

D.  If I were to create a plan to control human population growth, it would surely be effective.  I would certainly place emphasis on education for women, as It is proven that women who receive more education are more likely to postpone having children until later life.  This usually results in less children per woman over her lifetime.  Offering classes and seminars about birth control could also be helpful. Even if one's religious beliefs prevented them from using said birth control, knowledge is still power.  Individuals should be given the right to choose for themselves whether to consider or not to continue having children.  As mentioned previously, nations should also consider offering birth control for no cost to their citizens.  China already employs such a plan, and has experienced great success.  Because of the complete lack of cost to the individual, there is no reason for them not to use birth control other than their possible moral beliefs.  Also, poverty must be nearly eliminated.  Those in poverty are much more likely to have more children than those who are financially secure. In order to go about this, again, education is an answer.  Education must be made affordable to individuals in developing countries so that they can become skilled laborers, or even members of the white-collar workforce. Higher finances equate to a more reasonable amount of children.  World hunger must also be addressed. This could be in part answered by large-scale distribution of golden rice to starving nations.  Also, if safer forms of birth control were to be produced, human population growth would experience further decrease.  Many women refuse to use certain birth control due to the health risks involved, whether it be cancer, uterine damage, etc.  If females could feel safe about using birth control, they would certainly be more likely to do so.  If these solutions and others were to be implemented, human population growth would surely be lessened.