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Joseph Russo Population Control Plan
Project Name : Joseph Russo Population Control Plan
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The Population Problem


                Curbing the human population is very important due to the fact that, If human population growth is not curbed, there will be horrific consequences. These consequences include poverty, lack of space, disease , starvation, and pollution increases. All of these consequences grow together because they are all interconnected and go hand in hand. The less space you have the less space there is between people. This is a catalyst for diseases to run rampant. As well as just forcing people very close together, there will be no room to grow and raise the food we need to survive, leading to starvation. Poverty also will cause disease and increase pollution by a lot.  Everything will be very bad and out of hand.  

                Even thought the pressure is high to find a solution, there are many factors that are inhibiting an answer that everyone can agree on. This is because of the world's diverse cultures, religions, and personal beliefs. Some people believe that no planning whatsoever should be involved, while some people believe the exact opposite. Some religions think the only family planning should be to wait to conceive until marriage. There are also people that believe that contraceptives should be widely used, while others think that they shouldn't. A major issue, abortion, is a very predominant roadblock in the agreement over population control. There is much debate whether it is moral, and when a human is a person. Each of these relates to the problem because they all deal with preventing or having more children which effect the growth of the population.

                 Reducing poverty, wide contraceptive use, and empowering women are the best solutions to this problem. By empowering women, they have more power to choose whether or not to have children. However, it is not completely under female control. Convincing fathers to help rear their child would also bring down population growth. Also, a very good could idea could be government enforcement of only replacement level fertility. Also, the government could enforce a law that would make people allowed to have children only if they can support them. A major solution to help curb overpopulation is easy access to family planning. If it is there, there is a higher chance of it actually being used to prevent more children. Also, due to the fact that, most of the population problems are in developing countries, if countries became developed the population would go down. Educating people would bring down population control as well, because they would know how to prevent pregnancy.

Personally, I think that government endorsed replacement level fertility and government endorsed incentives to stay with only 2 children would be the best solution and benefits to retain replacement lever fertility. This is because two children are plenty. If everyone ere to do it, we would be able to level of the growing population. It is not completely controlling the amount of children someone could have, which would concede with people who think it would harm personal freedom, and still allows enough benefits to make people want to have two children. I believe if the incentives were great enough, this would be a very good thing in developing countries. It is realistic because people will want benefits. I also believe that free, available contraceptives, would be a great way to help slow population growth. They are cheap and would prevent unwanted many unwanted pregnancy.

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