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Tyler Parker's Population Control Plan
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Tyler Parker's Population Control Plan

In today's society there is wide variety of problems that we can see in the near future if we do not work to compensate for the troubles that we are causing. The majority of these problems are based off of one main problem, The massive growth of the human population. If we do not look towards the future and fix what we are causing as a whole, then sooner or later it will lead to devastating consequences. We will need to curb the growth of the human population at some time, yet we have created some roadblocks on ourselves to be able to achieve this goal. I still believe there are many ways that we can achieve this goal and I know one way in particular that will help greatly.

First of all, why is it so important that we curb the growth? Well if the population continues to increase we won't be able to provide enough resources for all the mouths to feed and for all the places needed to live. People throughout history have been greedy and most people always want more than what they have. Countries and nations will be wanting more and more resources because the world will be slowly losing the limited amount of resources it has in store for us. If we don't act soon these limited resources will almost become completely non-existent. This means those Countries will be willing to war against other countries just so they can supply their population with what they "need". Our raising population numbers also affect  the area of global warming, one of the biggest man-made troubles we see here on earth. We use so many vehicles for transportation and for our enjoyment that we are creating a mass of toxic chemicals in the air. These chemicals have been building up through the past years. Also, the more people there are that need transportation the more cars, trains, airplanes, and other sources of greenhouse gases there will be. There are also many places just for our enjoyment including Disneyland and other theme-parks, car racing, plane racing, boat racing, and go kart racing events that all contribute to the global warming factor. Other than these there are vehicles that are used for agriculture. The more food we need the more of these vehicles we will need. And don't forget about all the animals that release huge amounts of methane into the air everyday. The more the population grows the more livestock we will have to feed all the hungry people. Plus, if many people in this world are already dying of malnutrition with all the resources we have, why would we want even more people when we have less resources in the future? By letting the population continue to increase we will only cause a large drop in population that will lead to much grief. If we decide to control this problem now then in the end we will save lives.

Although there may be a need for the control of our growing population, some groups of people have created roadblocks in the way of achieving this goal. Many religions and other views have created most of these difficulties because they feel that a certain way of prevention is not ethical. Christianity believes that sex, or the creating of children, is a gift from god and should be treated as such. They also believe that members should follow their own consciences on these matters. Basically none of their beliefs really contradicts with population control but in every religion their are always those you take teachings more lightly than others. Some Hardcore religious people might completely disagree with any from of population control such as family planning or contraceptives. In Judaism, according to the Talmud, every Jewish man should have atleast one boy and one girl, but after this they can use any amount of birth control they want. This hinders the control of population a little but not completely because only having two children, one boy and one girl, would probably be the best way for parents to have children. This would keep the amount of genders more equal. Under Islamic law abortion is considered legal unless ensoulment has occurred. This means that if the soul has entered the body of the organism then you cannot have an abortion unless it is absolutely necessary. This actually affects many of the other religions also. When the soul enters the body is widely debated though and no one knows for sure when this happens. Another religion known as Hinduism has many points in its religion contributing to the factor of population control. Although they believe it is ones duty to have a family at one point in life, they also believe that there is an importance to having a small and part of the Upanishads describes different birth control methods. While, in the Dharma, it also says "to act for the sake of the good of the world". So basically producing more children than can be handled by the environment is not right.. However almost all Evangelical Protestants oppose the use of all types of contraceptives and will only use natural family planning as a form of birth control. This includes the Catholic church, a huge religion in this world, that also completely bans anything that puts a chemical or physical barrier on sex. Catholics believe that the use of any contraceptive is a sin and the only method that should be used is natural family planning or abstinence. These believes make population control almost completely impossible because without the use of contraceptives, it will be more difficult to stop people from having too many children. People in this world enjoy having sex and if nothing is done to prevent children being born than the population will continue to increase exponentially.

There are many options we could take as a society to lower population growth. One step that has already been taken in one of the most populated places on earth, China, is to make a law that prohibits any family having more than one child. This is a very effective method but it is difficult to make such a law without a governing body with the majority of the authority. Contraception may be widely debated and many people might not agree with using those methods, but it is still a very useful method for preventing the already rapid growth of the human population from becoming even more rapid. While abortion can provide mothers with the ability to stop unwanted pregnancies. Another step we can take is to encourage economic development and urbanization. This would help because in developed countries children cost more to take care of so that is an incentive to have less children. We can also see that your child is more likely to live so you won't have to have more children to make sure at least one stays alive. Also, Parents can only have one daughter and one son because of the higher life expectancy which means we are at a replacement rate. We could consider teaching kids when they are younger so they understand more fully the aspects of this part of life and by going into poorer countries to provide young girls with education we can prevent over populating the earth. If people tried to create ways to supply places with birth control and family planning where it is needed but is not given then population could be reduced this way also. It is said that "200 million women in the world who would like to delay or prevent their pregnancies, but have no access to birth control and family planning programs". The men should even try promoting the status of women on the earth because the higher up women are the more control we have over pregnancies as a whole. There are many options for controlling the population, we just have to choose to start trying to work towards that goal.

Even though there are multiple ways to consider to move to a control of population, I believe I know one of the best plans for achieving this. I believe that developed countries should all work together to help developing countries to become developed more quickly so that life expectancy can rise along with education and the status of women. Then all countries proceed to make a law where only 2 children can be born to each family, which includes one boy and one girl. This applies the replacement rate and after these two children are there free forms of contraception will be provided to those families so that abortion will not be needed as much. Since abortion is the main problem we face with religious people and other views, by supplying contraceptives for free we can avoid this more thoroughly. Plus, if we supply all forms of contraceptives for free then most religions that disagree with only a few forms can have at least one kind that they consider to be ethical. After this we must keep track of the population to make sure that it is either heading towards a reasonable population size or not increasing at a ridiculously rapid rate. The countries must also monitor the use of resources so that we can be able to reach the size-able human population that the earth can handle.

All in all, I believe that the curbing of population growth is possible as long as all people are able to work together no matter who they are or where they are from to be able to stop the ever increasing problem of the exponential growth of the human race. No matter what anyone says, unless we want to be like every other organism on this earth that finally reaches its limit and experiences a crash in population, we must create a plan for controlling population. In the process we will also be killing many other animals that we enjoy having around here with us. Lets prove that we are the smartest living thing on this earth by not over populating and completely reducing the ability for the earth to provide for us.
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