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Dylan Merchant's Population Control Plan
Project Name : Dylan Merchant's Population Control Plan
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Dylan Merchant's Population Control Plan

The idea of human population growth is a frightening idea. At the current time our population is growing exponentially, which is an unsustainable amount of growth. If this continues a various amount of negative consequences will inevitably take place. One of these negative consequences is the overuse of nonrenewable resources. When there are more people in the world, there is an obvious increase in demand of those resources. Also with more people in the world there would be a huge increase in environmental degradation, which includes pollution. Another problem that would occur due to all these factors would be an increase in the death rate of developing countries, which would just further the problems that already exist. Also with more people and their actions, their would be an extreme increase in the amount of greenhouse gases. A final problem which would be hard on the american lifestyle would be the limited amount of resources, which would be hard due to afluenzic American lifestyle. All these factors together show that the amount of population growth is a dire issue.

There is a big ongoing debate on whether or not some family planning should take place or not. Religous figures are mostly against family planning. They say this because it is stopping a life. Within this debate comes the problem with abortion. Religious figures are continuously debating when a fetus becomes a person. Because when an abortion takes place it kills the fetus, and most religions are against killing. Therefor murder of a fetus is a sin. But on the otherside of it there are activists that believe that it is their choice, and they get to choos whether or not they are ready for parent hood. There are also people that are in the middle of the arguement that can go either way on the subject. Ultimately this debate has many sides and their are many different point of views.

There are many different solutions that people have thought of to control the problem of population growth. Some solutions are to limit the number of babies in developing countries, these include brest feeding, decreasing death rate, decreasing blindness, providing vaccinations, and providing birth control. Some more solutions could include capping number of kids per family unit, decreasing resource waste, decreasing pollution, and creating more jobs in developing countries. All these factors together would combine to create a world in which population would be a factor that would be controlled.    
I believe that a way to control the population better would be to have a tax on children. This tax would only affect families who have three or more children. Each child after the second would have a set tax that would be paid annually. This tax would go into a government funded program to support family planning in developing countries, and provide medical vaccinations as well. The tax on children alone would have people think more about having a child, therefor the amount of births would go down which would lower the population. Also the program that would funded by this tax would help out developing countries which would also lower their rate of population growth. I believe that by doing this the world would move from a exponential rate of growth to a logistic rate.