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Population Control Plan Dayanne G.
Project Name : Population Control Plan Dayanne G.
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Human Population Control- The Dayanne Gonzalez Plan

A)     While some may believe that humans aren't creating damage by increasing our population growth, some believe otherwise. It is extremely important for us to take care of the world we live in, and we can only do that by starting to take more care in curbing our population growth. Without measures taken, who knows how long we will be able to continue surviving the way we currently do. First of all, pollution would be a major hazard. More people means more cars, busses, trains, planes, etc. All of this only harms our environment. There would also be an increase in deforestation. There would be a greater demand for wood and that would only lead to smaller forests and the destruction of our natural resources. Conflict would surely enlarge with more people not getting along with others due to the vast majority of different opinions. Not to mention that our quality of life would decrease. With more people on earth, and less materials every day to sustain us, it is only reasonable that we would have to leave behind some of our commodities today due to a greater demand of goods and possible higher prices for them. Last but not least, there would also be a decrease in the earth's biodiversity. There would be a higher demand for everything from plants to food and that will only harm us in the long run.

B)     As a society we have for the most part come to the agreement that we need to curb our population growth somehow. There are many different point of views however that are making it quite difficult. There are the modern feminists who believe that family planning should be utilized and that women should be able to control the amount of children the wish to conceive. They often clash with the other points of view like those from christians. With christians it depends mainly what their church is telling them. Some think it okay to use contraceptives as long as it does not encourage promiscuous behavior, while others only think it necessary for married couples. Catholics believe that the only acceptable method is the natural birth control method and all contraceptive uses are banned. Protestants usually allow birth control to some extent with the theory that it often leads to stronger ties within families. The Jewish had about the same belief as Catholics, however it is changing with time and more are starting to believe in the use of birth control although it is banned in the Torah. As time passes the different religions are seeming to be more lenient, however there is still a ways to go in fully allowing birth control.

C)     There are several options that could possibly change the perspectives of many. One way is to give the unconvinced the statistics of how many unwanted pregnancies come about due to the lack of birth control. Also to show them how many abortions come about because birth control wasn't used in the first place. Women can also take charge and show that they have more strength now and should be more valued in society and therefore deserve to make their opinions on whether they should use birth control or not. Making birth control methods more affordable is also a great way to curb the population. Teaching people about the benefits of birth control would also be highly effective and reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies. Educating women would also lead to fewer children per household due to more knowledge on the subject of population growth. Taking people out of poverty, although a highly difficult task, will without a doubt minimize the population growth. Getting religions to accept contraceptives would help the cause greatly as well. Having women have an operation to not have more children after a certain age would also be helpful. In addition, a monetary sum could be given to families who have a small family compared to those with large families.

D)     I believe that as a young women who is educated and knowledgable on the topic of human population, I could bring many valuable ideas to the table. I believe that religions were formed many years ago when large families were needed and not being able to have children was practically a sin. Now times have changed where many children are not needed, so therefore religions should change their views as well. There is nothing wrong with using contraceptives. If one does not wish to have a child, why should we feel obligated to not use birth control simply because our religion does not approve. As educated women we should have the opportunity to make those decisions for ourselves. There should be easier methods for women acquire birth control if they deem it nessacary. The government should step in here to make contraceptives more affordable and easier for those in poverty to obtain. Women should be allowed to make a decision if they wish to have more children or not based on their own judgement, not on the lack of contraceptives. If everyone had access to birth control, then there would be an obvious curb in the population growth.