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Joey Lopez's Population Control Plan
Project Name : Joey Lopez's Population Control Plan
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Human Population Control
Human Population Control

Human population in the United States is increasing at an exponential growth. Human population growth

 must be discontinued in order to have resources for our future generations. Population control accelerates

environmental degradation in order to keep up with the rising numbers of humans. By not halting population

growth the acts of overpopulation, increased environmental degradation, premature extinction of species, an

increase in pollutants and poor sanitation increase at a rapid rate. The birth rate and death rate both increase

because of these factors due to no control of population growth.

Resources are slowly depleting due to the economic climb of human population.

Many people have different views on how to come together and control population growth. Family planning

is one way to control this growth. Family planning is providing clinical services and helping people choose ways

of having their children. The five perspectives on family planning that affect it are laws, religions, cultures,

religious scholars and abortion rights. Women are influenced by these and how their child will enter this world

thus creating a tough desicion for a mother to make. This intricate problem can be solved by introducing a

global family planning that adheres to all of these views.

Population growth rate is represented by this graph showing the Annual % Change globally.

There are many options that can help solve this problem. Population control can be solved by 10 strategies.

These strategies are family planning, empowering women, universal education, a sharp reduce in poverty,

better health care, immigration laws, urbanization, emigration, abortion and universal access to sanitation. All of

these strategies together in a country are more powerful than one alone. By employing these strategies human

population growth can be attacked and controlled.

These are the age structures of France and India in 1984.

I believe we can attack this crisis of human population growth. I think better health care, universal access to

sanitation, empowering women, universal education, reducing poverty, and immigration laws are vital factors in

helping control population growth. If women have more power they can make decisions that will help sustain

important laws on immigration and better education for our children in schools. Sanitation is also an important

part on health for humans and also on a control for pollutants. Poverty can be reduced by better sanitation and

better health care can allow people to make the right reasonable choices for themselves and their children.