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Chad's Population Control Report
Project Name : Chad's Population Control Report
Description : A report of the effects of the our unstable and ever growing population and how we can help curb it indefinitely.
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Human Population Control Report

It is of great importance that the population of the planet be curbed. In the first time in human history the world experiences a problem that could not only kill billions of people, but potentially endangers the entire world and its ability to sustain life. If we do not stop the rapid growth of Earth’s population we can come to expect many disastrous consequences. With a great influx of people resources will become harder to acquire. Raw materials that we use to build our civilization will become rarer as we continue to exploit them without implementing recycling practices. This will in turn affect the production of food. Growing number of people would make the growing and processing of meat unpractical, as the process itself would require enormous sums of both water and crops to produce. With a unstable and growing population disease would spread more quickly and would adapt faster as well. Poverty would almost certainly increase as we would struggle to give food and shelter to the masses. The poverty would lead to famine as we would lack the ability to provide for everyone. With all of these consequences the quality of life will decrease significantly, affecting our futures greatly.

As we approach a critical time for change we are halted by the beliefs of many cultures and their moral and ethical views on family planning. Muslim fundamentalists in third world nations for instance give very little choice to the mothers in whether they wish to keep a child. Birth control itself is not talked about as many fundamentalists believe that it’s the woman’s duty to have as many children as possible and to create a large family. In contrast Muslim organics give more power to woman in deciding their path. The Jewish religion has more of a middle of the road approach and gives limited acceptance to the idea of abortion and other birth control options. The religion also puts emphasis on having at least two children to replace you. In Christianity it’s looked upon as an ethical and moral decision more than anything. Abortion is not supported very much because it’s looked upon as murder. In Catholicism the pope and the churches stance is against abortion and any forms of birth control. Though they believe that it is human tissue inside the wombs of the mother they question if it’s an actual person with a soul. To them the question is not one of biology but theology, and look towards the biblical scripture for help on the subject often. In Buddhism children are looked upon as a natural event. The religion also doesn’t push reproduction as hard as other religions do. Abortion and birth control are accepted when done in the right way for the right reasons.

As difficult as a problem population control can be, there can also be many solutions that we can put in place to try and curb this threat. Education on the topic of population control should be part of curriculums around the world. Educating students young about the effects population growth has, and how we can help stop it would be a clear first step. We also should move forward the public perception of population growth and birth control for the better. Help people from all backgrounds understand the danger of a growing population, and help them to realize the good intentions that come with teaching safe sex especially. Provide people cheap and easy ways to obtain forms of contraception. We can also prepare ourselves as a society by simply thinking rationally and for the long term. Politically we can demand action from our government help aid in the problem of our increasing population. In developing nations we can increase the infant mortality rate, thus mothers will not give birth to as many children in fear of a portion of them dying. This means the standard of living must be raised in third world nations, allowing them to live with a higher standard of life. Making sure that the standard of living is raised with sustainable methods and continues to function sustainably. We can pitch in money and create capital to financially aid developing nations in increasing their standard of living while decreasing their carbon footprint. Giving incentives to nations as well as people who choose to take part in curbing the population by using forms of birth control. Most importantly we must communicate here in our town as well as abroad and around the world. The first step to fixing a problem is talking about it and informing others about the problems that we face.

There are many options to solving this threat, but in my opinion a great plan would consist of these few things. For one, the threat of overpopulation would be taught in the curriculum of classrooms around the world and would be incorporated in core classes of both physical and life sciences from elementary school to high school. Also, we must raise the knowledge of this danger by informing the public through the media and educate them on the issue. This can be done through social networking as well as through public service announcements and internet ads. We must invest our money in the future of the world by donating or even loaning finances to third world nations who look to curb their population problem effectively and humanely. Support should also be given individuals who seek interest in using birth control and safe sex by making contraceptives both easy and discretely to obtain. Incentives should also be put in place to reward couples as well as countries who look towards a safe sex option and curb their population. Through communication of the problem, creating a positive perception of the issue, supporting developing nations, and giving incentives to help the cause we can all move forward to help curb the population danger that we have today and hopefully make the future a great place to live with plenty of elbow room.