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Leilani's Population Control Plan
Project Name : Leilani's Population Control Plan
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Leilani's Population Control Plan

Oblivious to thousands of millions of people living on Earth today, the human population is literally a growing problem already starting to show detrimental results. Without proper attention, the human population will continue to increase immensely, causing many more problems than the world can handle. For instance, as human population increases, starvation and famine will also increase. With millions of people already suffering from starvation and undernutrition, it’s inevitable that more will be put at risk with the climbing population. Poverty and rate of disease will also increase as the human population grows. Space will become more limited than it already is, making multiple diseases easy to contract and almost impossible to avoid. Another important issue is the human population’s effect on the environment. Environmental degradation is sure to increase along with increase in human population due to pollution of the air, land and water. To avoid any further devastation, it is vital that human population growth be curbed.

            In order to curb human population growth, family planning is an issue that needs to be addressed. Beneficial to everyone, family planning will help keep human population under control. However, every country has different views about family planning. For example, China has regulated a one-child policy in which married, urban couples are only allowed to have one child. In Japan, the Family Planning Federation has ruled abortion as legal, as well as the use of contraceptives. In the Islamic culture, there are very few restrictions on the use of contraceptives and the Protestant faith also supports the use of birth control and condoms. However, many religions including Catholic and Protestant are anti-abortion. The use of contraceptives help to prevent pregnancy and therefore help the human population from increasing. After all, family planning is different for each country and can all be helpful in different ways.

            Various solutions could help control human population. First, increasing education in women could help immensely. Women that are occupied with education and career are not likely to have babies since they do not have the time. Empowering women could also contribute to the halt in population growth. Another factor that would help is requiring the use of birth control. A few years of birth control for all couples and married couples could have effective results. Like China, other countries might even conside a law regulating the number of children a couple can have. A limitation of 1-2 children per couple would be convenient. Raising awareness could play a large part in controlling human population as well. Waivers and flyers could be sent out to all newlywed couples, informing them about the increasing human population problem. Even having the president or other important leaders address the matter live could influence hundreds of couples to avoid having babies. Health and sex education classes should also be required in schools to emphasize the importance of the human population crisis. Also, advertisements on television, posters and campaigns could help spread the word; human population must be curbed!

            All these matters considered, ‘Leilani’s human population control plan’ is definitely one that could help both planet Earth and the human population. This plan mainly endorses the use of family planning and education. This regulation implies that every couple that wants to be married must attend a family planning course that educates the couple on the human population problem and encourages them to avoid having babies. In order to be legally wed, this course must be attended, passed and certified in record. Couples must plan their marriage and pregnancies before marriage in this required course, including variable punishments for those who do not follow the plan they devised beforehand. This requirement of family planning will enforce a stricter arrangement for all couples and help contain the human population slowly and effectively.