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John's Population Control Plan
Project Name : John's Population Control Plan
Description : 4 paragraph essay on human population control
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John's Population Control Plan

Human Population Control

The John Cook Plan

A) The future of the planet without properly executed population control appears to be very bleak at best.  There will be a myriad of consequences resulting from increased population, all of which could prove to be detrimental to our current way of life.  For one, our projected pollution output would increase dramatically, thus resulting in depleted resources and lowered biodiversity of other species.  Also, the quality of life for each person will dip, as more and more resources will be converted to feeding everyone equally, rather than the relatively sufficient food supply we have in developed countries now.  Disease would also increase, as the living quarters of each individual would have to be decreased to accommodate for all the extra people, giving rise to more bacteria and viruses spreading around.  Another troubling result could be increased conflict, as more and more countries would be forced to compete for the resources around them to feed their own people as well as themselves.  Perhaps the most dangerous possible outcome would be the possibility of increased climate change, as the greater population would burn even more fossil fuels and lead to more deforestation, which could effectively deplete the ozone layer and cause dramatic climate change which could spell endless problems for mankind.

            B) Unfortunately there are many “roadblocks” to effective family control around the world, and firm religious ideologies seem to clash on this topic.  In Catholicism, the idea of contraception is morally frowned upon and their only 2 beliefs about family planning lie in natural family planning and abstinence.  It relates to the curbing of human population because a large percentage of people are of catholic faith and it is critical they alter their views if we wish to make any progress in population control.  Another view is that of the Hindu faith, which have no opposition to contraception, but believe that it is their duty to have children at that certain age, so they traditionally abstain from birth control practices all together.  This relates to the problem because they are more likely to have more children, and may be unable to change their views that the more children, the better.  The Buddhist view on contraception lies on the basic principle that it is wrong to kill anyone for any reason at all. And since they believe that life begins during fertilization, it clearly poses problems for the abortion issue and human population control altogether.  In the Jewish faith, they believe that contraception is only allowed in limited circumstances, relating back to the main issue because they, like many other religions, display a tendency to shy away from family planning.  And finally, all branches of the Christian faith are morally opposed to the idea of contraception, as well as abortion.  They prefer to practice natural family planning; however this contributes to the world problem of human population control because it is not always successful all the time, and contributes to the skyrocketing of the human population in the last few years.

            C) There are a variety of ways to curb this problem.  They range anywhere from: modern day contraception (use of condoms or birth control), sexual abstinence, medical abortion of unexpected pregnancies, increased development of third world countries, informing of generally unaware world, lessening the gap between the rich and poor, empowerment of women, granting of economic amnesty to those who have less children, imposing birth limits in countries, or the implementing of stricter immigration laws.  Each of these are feasible possibilities to solving the impending crisis of human overpopulation.

            D) I personally support the legalizing of abortion and the empowerment of women and third world countries to make them more aware of the issue.  Overall, I feel it would be the most simplistic way to fixing the issue, and though it would probably cause a religious uproar over the free choice of abortion, ultimately the lives that benefit from the limited world population would exceed those lost in abortions, and I don’t feel it is government’s responsibility to make the decisions for women.  Also, modern contraception technology would slowly increase, so the problem may even begin to solve itself if we can maintain a steady progression towards a more informed and decision-based society.


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Well done, John!  Love the image of the crowded beach.
100 %