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Daisee Gonzalez African Lion
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African Lion

There is only one African Lion species in this world, my opinion that they are they most unique, beautiful,and intelligent mammals there is in the Wild Animal Kingdom. Do you ever wonder if your grandchildren will ever see an African Lion? The lion population in Africa has been reduced by half since the early 1950s. Today, fewer than 21,000 remain in all of Africa. (Anonymous 2012 44). Will their even be an African Lion anymore in the next 50 years?  Do you know what a true African Lion is? Can we prevent extinction? Or what does it mean? Where can you find African Lions? What is there physical description? There behavior? What  about the lions survival status? In this article you will be the answers to your questions.

The African Lion is in my opinion the most unique mammal in this world. From what is was evolved from to its habitat and to there behavior. What does an African Lion's name mean? What is the species' scientific name? What kingdomis it part of? What part of family is it part of? What is the true meaning of an African Lion? Kingdom - Animalia, Phylum - Chordata, Subphylum – Vertebratam, Class – Mammalia, Order - Carnivora, Family - Felidae, Genus - Panthera, Species - leo. (2011 Zooville 13 ). The African Lion is part of the Animal Kingdom in Africa with the class of Mammals. The African Lion is also a carnivore. The lion (Panthera leo). (Shoemaker 1997 7). Is the way scientist classify African Lions. It makes the African Lion sound so different and much cooler to catch attention! Everyone knows that name "African Lion" but do a lot of people know it by The Panthera Leo? Probably not! Which means "large big cat". But everyone knows that they are mammal and a carnivore.

The African Lion is of course located in Africa, but where in Africa? They are mostly found in hot grasslands. The lion has a broad habitat tolerance, ranging from the savannah woodlands of East Africa to the sands of the Kalahari Desert ( J&A Scott 2012 9 ). There habitat and range is in the savannah woodlands so they can easily blend in with the wilderness and its easy to hunt and kill for there prey. Range: Scattered - Africa, south of the Sahara and Gir Forest in India. ,Habitat: savannah (African) . ( San Diego Global 2012 23 ).  African Lions are well known to be in hot climate from Sahara Desert to Gir Forest. There sandy shade of color helps them keep cool in got weather and blend right in.

Everyone has at lease seen a picture of a lion, or maybe even seen them in the zoo. African Lions are really popular mammals when it comes to the wildlife. They are the largest wild cat in the Animal Kingdom. Who has not seen an African Lion? I bet the percentage is VERY low. Or no percentage at all! African Lions are famous for there hair. African Lions are popular for there crazy exotic hair. Have you ever heard the term; "my hair looks like a lion's hair!'. Lions have out of control hair that seems to stick out, sandy, frizzy, and just wild! But what about there weight? They seem so cute and cuddly to hold. The lion is the largest carnivore in Africa, and the second largest feline predator in the world. Average males weigh 385-450 pounds, and females weigh 250-320 pounds. The males reach an overall length of 11 feet from the tip of the nose to tip of the tail, and females being just a bit shorter. Lions have a uniformly tawny coat, and the shades of it may vary from light to dark. (Zooville 2011 15 ).

What is an African Lion truly like? But we do know that Lions are the most sociable wild cats out there. Lions are the most social of all cats, the only cat that lives in large family groups called prides. ( Eric Tilden 2009 2). prides are consisting of about 15 lions. Related females and their young make up the majority of the pride. A single male, or sometimes a small group of 2-3 males, will join a pride for an indefinite period, usually about 3 years or until another group of males takes over. (Anonymous 2012 45). But how is there activity between each other? Or there social groups and communication? Activity Cycle: Least active cat. 20-21 hours spent resting.Hunt, feed, mate at all times, Social Groups: Matriarchal pride / fission-fusion, Communication : Head rubbing, vocalizing (growl, roar), scent marking, scraping .Diet: Mainly medium-sized ungulates but will hunt / scavenge rats, reptiles, fish, groundnuts, rhinos, Predators: Man. ( San Diego Zoo Global 24).

Back to what was said before; Will your grandchildern ever see an Afican Lion when there older? How can we, the world, prevent from these amazing mammals becoming extinct? Though it is true that the African lion may live longer in captivity, it does not necessarily have the freedom to move around as much as it did before. The African countries are joining with the rest of the world in the effort of conservation of this mighty creature. ( African Travel News 2007 38). Do lions reproduced rapidly? Lions become sexually mature between 3 and 4 years of age. Mating may only last less than a minute, but will occur every 15-30 minutes for several days until the cycle is over. Gestation is approximately 110 days long. Litter size ranges from two to four cubs. Cubs stay with the mother for approximately two years. Mothers nurse cubs until they are 7-9 months old, and cubs begin to hunt at about 11 months. ( Atlanta Fulton County 2012 35 ). So if we continued to kill our precious African Lions at the rat we are going, they will become extinct real quick. We should change before its too late.

Whats new with the African lion life?  African lion, as i feel, that has the most updated research for the mammals. They are continually updated on the further research/journals for African lion. Since the African Lion is the most sociable wild cat out their it is very simple to study there behavior, habitat, physical description, and there overall population. FUN FACTS: Tigers are lions' closest relatives. Without their coats, lion and tiger bodies are similar that only experts can tell them apart. A lion's roar can be heard up to five miles away. A male coalition rarely holds onto a pride longer than two to three years before being run off by fierce challengers. ( National Zoological Park 2012 32 ). Since the African Lion is the most updated research mammal, it is hard to find new research and interesting facts about the lions.

My personal connection with this species, African Lion, is actually a very interesting story. My first time going to San Diego Wild Animal Park  was 8 years old and i went with my mother and my brother. That day was the first timer ever seeing animals up close, especially seeing an African Lion. We all weren't that interested in seeing the Lions, so as we took a glance at the Lions we saw a huge crowd and we all were wondering what was going on. As we walked back, 5 zoo workers directed the crowd in a huge circle. As everyone formed the huge circle they carefully brought out a female African lion with a big white dog. I am not sure what type of dog they brought out with the female lion, what i did know is that the white dog was like the female lion's friend to keep the lion calm. They had the lion on a lease and they had all of us so far from the lions that we couldn't even touch them even if we wanted to. The female Lion was so interesting to watch even from a distance as the zoo keepers were telling all of the zoo goers facts about Africa Lions they became more and more interesting. They started to play with the female Lion and throw this little toy around that seemed to be a stuffed bear. Anyways they had the female African Lion doing for our audience tricks, laying down, playing with the other animal, it was a fun experience. As my first time EVER at a zoo i can up and personal with a wild animal, that happened to be a female African Lion and some random big white dog. At first i thought these animals were wild and crazy as i seen from previous shows and movies, but in captivity they are very well mannered mammals with there fellow friend mammal, a dog. But i have never seen a lion up close and personal in the wild, that will have to be a fun experience!

Now that you know about that African Lion on whats its behavior like, whats the classifications, where they are, there physical description, knowing that they are endangered,and there survival status. Do we really want to risk what we are doing to this poor animal species? When I am old and gray, i would love to take my grandchildren/children to the zoo to see some African Lions. I do not want my grandchildren or even my own future children to question me about lions, as they grow up and don't even know what a lion is. so why would be continue on what we are doing and decrease the rate even more? And why don't we changed that and save the African Lions! I believe that African Lions are beautiful,unique mammals that have a low chance of survival that deserve to live in the wilderness in peace and them not worrying about being killed by men.