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Kelsey's Gardening #2
Project Name : Kelsey's Gardening #2
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What volunteer activity do you plan on participating in?
I plan on attending the team Earth meeting after school to help with gardening.
Where is the volunteer location?
The volunteer location is Santiago High School, in the garden outside of the D building.
When will this activity occur?
This activity will occur on April 4th, after school.
What will be your responsibilities?
My responsibilities will include helping team Earth garden in the garden outside of the D building.
Who will be supervisor signing off on your volunteer hours?
Mr. Pitts will be signing off on these volunteer hours.
How many hours total do you anticipate participating in this volunteer activity?
I anticipate this activity to last for 2 hours.
What do you hope to accomplish?
I hope to accomplish helping the team Earth members help keep up with the garden.

Which organization did you volunteer for?
I volunteered for the Earth club at Santiago High School.
Coordinator Contact info:
Mr. Pitts, Santiago High School, C107
Start Date
End Date
In hours, how much time did you volunteer?
2 hours
Describe your volunteer activities in detail.
First we all met at Mr. Pitts' room to coordinate what needs to be done to the garden and who's going to do what. Then we collected all of the necessary tools for the garden, and headed out to the outside of the D building. Almost everyone was assigned to loosen up the soil with rakes and other gardening tools.
What were your accomplishments?
My accomplishments were that I felt I really helped the Earth club with loosening the soil in the garden.
What did you learn?
I learned the importance of team work and how valuable each person is with helping to enhance a successful garden.
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Santiago High School
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