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"Save the Waves" Beach clean-up
Project Name : "Save the Waves" Beach clean-up
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What volunteer activity do you plan on participating in?
The "Save the Waves" beach clean-up
Where is the volunteer location?
At Huntington Beach
When will this activity occur?
It will occur from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
What will be your responsibilities?
Our responsibilty would be to pick up any trash that could harm the ocean; meaning to clean up everything that we see in our way.
Who will be supervisor signing off on your volunteer hours?
Mr. Ken Pitts
How many hours total do you anticipate participating in this volunteer activity?
4 hours
What do you hope to accomplish?
What I hope to accomplish from the beach clean-up day is to clean as much trash as we can find in order to keep our beach's clean in America so our water animals dont get hurt in any way or extinct.

Which organization did you volunteer for?
Santiago High School APES class
Coordinator Contact info:
Mr. Ken Pitts
Start Date
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In hours, how much time did you volunteer?
4 hours
Describe your volunteer activities in detail.
We divided into groups spreading around the whole beach area, trying to pick up as much trash as possible. Picked up things like straws, cup caps, trash bags and more. Then after collecting as much trash, we piled them all on a truck.
What were your accomplishments?
My accomplishment would be the feeling I had after doing all this clean-up and work that is good for our environment and the aquatic animals in the ocean.
What did you learn?
I learned that even though from far away the beach always looks clean, there are still so much trash you cannot see that oculd easily go in the ocean. So as much as possible, keep your area clean and clean after yourself.
Attach any videos, images, audio, files, links or other documents related to your volunteer work, such as 'before and after' images, or videos of the volunteering in action. Give clear names and descriptions to the items so as to educate about your experience.
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Attach a link to the website of the organization.
Huntington Beach!