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Save the Waves: Beach Clean-up!
Project Name : Save the Waves: Beach Clean-up!
Description : On April 21st, a group of APES students arrived at Huntington Beach to clean-up.
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Project Views

What volunteer activity do you plan on participating in?
I plan on voluteering in the "Save the Waves" clean up at Huntington beach.
Where is the volunteer location?
The location of the clean up was at Huntington beach, right under the pier.
When will this activity occur?
This activity will occur at 8:00 in the morning on Saturday, April 21st.
What will be your responsibilities?
My responsiblities will include walking the beach, finding trash of any sort, and properly disposing it.
Who will be supervisor signing off on your volunteer hours?
The supervisor that will be signing off on my volunteer hours is Mr. Pitts, as well as Lexie Moomaw and her crew.
How many hours total do you anticipate participating in this volunteer activity?
I anticipate to participate in this clean-up for four hours long.
What do you hope to accomplish?
I hope to accomplish a further understanding of how badly our beach is polluted, as well as the impact a small group of students and volunteers could have on cleaning up for a certain amount of time.

Which organization did you volunteer for?
Santiago High School's AP Environmental Science class and Lexi Moomaw.
Coordinator Contact info:
Lexi Moomaw: 951-847-0698
Start Date
End Date
In hours, how much time did you volunteer?
4 hours
Describe your volunteer activities in detail.
Starting at 8 AM, many APES students arrived at Huntington Beach to help clean up. In the beginning we listened to a speech by Mr.Pitts and then Lexi sent us off. The goal was to stick to a scavenger hunt, however, my group disregarded it and just picked up any type of trash that we saw. Although the beach wasn't necessarily a dump, i was able to pick up a good amount of plastic, including straws, lids, and plastic bags. After our time allotted was up, we threw the bags into a truck where we were told that it would be properly disposed.
What were your accomplishments?
Together we were able to achieve a cleaner beach. Also, our group was able to bond while helping the environment.
What did you learn?
I learned that a majority of our plastic ends up in the ocean. Also, the trash that was on the beach is just disregarded by people on the sand. People that aren't there to clean-up simply won't, and will just leave the plastic sitting there. This is a simple way for the trash to enter the ocean.
Attach any videos, images, audio, files, links or other documents related to your volunteer work, such as 'before and after' images, or videos of the volunteering in action. Give clear names and descriptions to the items so as to educate about your experience.
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08BCBE5F-1B01-4C8C-9592-CD959E00E894.jpeg The beach in the morning.
A911B58D-CE49-4B4B-8BD3-E0E98ADB69EB.jpeg Megan had a lot of fun finding trash and making weird faces.
E3588EBB-6EE2-4790-B2F4-67C274F979CD.jpeg Megan had a lot of fun finding trash and making weird faces.
3DD3610C-72DA-4D49-9AD3-0D2665B093F1.jpeg The group that I cleaned up the beach with was fun.
069E60FE-C15F-4D24-A112-E99D2FC99451.jpeg APES!
FDF73764-C0A9-4F0D-90AC-69CEDF6B4A4E.jpeg Walking back to dispose the trash we collected.
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Save the Waves
Huntington Beach.
Other Notes
I overall had a great time hanging out with friends while doing something good for the environment. Although there was not an overwhelming amount of trash to collect, we were still able to make a small difference by helping out.