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Music Technology Final Project by Josh Guerrero.
Project Name : Music Technology Final Project by Josh Guerrero.
Description : For my final project I plan on making a pop song with my friend Jake Garcia using Logic Once I get the name and structure of the song I will send it to ya then I will also include all the tracks names
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Music Technology Final Project The Bridge
Multimedia Submission
For my final project my friend and I have created a pop song (no lyrics) for a singer/songwriter we work with.

The title of the song is The Bridge and it is a pop song at 120bpm. The outline of the song goes Intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus/outro
The tracks used, were live guitar, bass, addictive drums(program) and a couple synths. The song was made on logic and here is a dropbox link to download it

The Bridge

picture taken by my good friend dirk dallas