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Trent' Geological Timeline
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Trent's Geographical Timeline

Life History Event Timeline

APES LIFE HISTORY ANALOGY If all of life's history (3.7 billion years) were __________________365_days______________________, then the following events would happen at



 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
1 0 0

now is an interesting time to live.  It seems we have so many decisions to make and problems to solve, but life is flourishing on our planet right at this moment.  Conditions are right for life.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
 2 3.9e-7---365th day; dec 31st 5 years ago
ice levels on its lowest   
            the artic ice levels are at the lowest in centuries, causing massive wordly problems.            
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
 3  7.1e-7---365th day; dec31st 9 years ago
tornado record  
tornados are at the highest amount to ever be recorded, this phemonon many be caused by the rapid climate changes happening all around the world.
 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
 4  1.3e-6---365th day; dec 31st 17 years ago
I was born  

I was brought into the world by my mother. 
And my father helped too but thats a different story...  

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
 5 2.2e-6---365th day; dec 31st 28 years ago
hole in the ozone layer  

the hole in the ozone layer was first discovered, changing the way global science is viewed forever.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
6 2.5e-6---365th day; dec 31st 32 years ago
Mount St. Helen eruption  

            Mount St. Hellens erupts, causing many illnesses and evacuations to occur, resulting in a devastating global event that shocked the country.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
7 4e-6---365th day; dec 31st 51 years ago
first man in space  

            this huge feat challenged the boundaries of science and would bring around many explorations into the regions beyond in the near future.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
8 4.1e-6---365th day; dec 31st 52 years ago
largest earthquake recorded  

an earthquake in chile devastated the world and changes the level of safety we feel when at risk of earthquakes, measuring at 9.5 this massive quake caused earthquake safety to incline to new heights.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
9 6.1e-6---365th day; dec 31st 77 years ago
atomic bomb dropped  

the first atomic bomb to be dropped on humans, this catastrophic even lead to the further development of nuclear activities that can now be seen in many countries.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
10 6.6e-6---365th day; dec 31st 84 years ago
penicillin invented  

penicllin changes the way medicine and illness can be treated, it is know as one of the best contributions towards the medical community.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
11 1e-5---365th day; dec 31st 133 years ago
electricity harnessed  

the discovery of the lightbulb and the harvesting of lightning revolutionized the word, todays society still greatly depend on electricity as a major source of power.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
12 1.1e-5---365th day; dec 31st 143 years ago
DNA first discovered  

the DNA strand was fist discover, causing many scientist to question such a interesting discovery, further more opening many doors in the scientific society.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
13 1,2e-5---365th day; dec 31st 153 years ago
charles darwin theory of evolution  

            Charles Darwins theory of evolution is argued as one of the most wide known theory to man, although causing much controversy.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
14 1.5e-5---365th day; dec 31st 197 years ago
Tambora volcano erups, largest eruption ever recorded  

Tambora explosion was the largest eruption to ever be recorded, a mass of lava caused a world wide shift towards volcanic knowledge.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
15 2.38e-5---365th day; dec 31st 300 years ago
fossil fuels used  

            this age of industrialism caused a breakthrough if fossil fuels, which will become so exploited that we end up with the issues of these fuels today.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
16 4.2e-5---365th day; dec 31st 520 years ago
Columbus discovers America 

Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, little did he know how much this discovery would change history.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
17 5.3e-5---365th day; dec 31st 664 years ago
Black Plague

            the black plague resulted in one third of europe's population to drop, leaving a huge drop of humans, if this plage never happened though, imagine the state of overpopulation we would be in today.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
18 1.8e-4---365th day; dec 31st 2,323 years ago
Aquaducts invented

            the invention of Aqueducts had a major impact on the world. invented by the romans water and waste could now be easily transported, resulting in the first advanced form of irrigation.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
19 3.9e-4---365th day; dec 31st 5,000 years ago
writing developed  

            the first written language emerged in the time frame, along with the wheel this discovery became a milestone for the human race.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
20 4.3e-4---365th day; dec 31st 5,500 years ago
wheel invented

            the wheel is one of the most important invention of the wold, if now to most important. now things could be easily transported.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
21 8.7e-4---365th day; dec 31st 11,000 years ago
last Ice Age melts

as the last ice age to date ends, more vegetation and life blossoms.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
22 9.1e-4---365th day; dec 31st 11,500 years ago
last Ice Age  

the snowy landscape of this ice age made it hard for life to survive.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
23 .001109---365th day; dec 31st 15,000 years ago
last ice sheet retreats  

the ice begins to thaw, leaving major waterways to open back up.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
24 .007---365th day; dec 31st 100,000 years ago
Age of homosapiens

the homosapiens are know as the beginning of humans, as we evolved from the Homo Erectus, we could say that it was like the "old school" form of humans today.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
25 .009---365th day dec 31st 125,000 years ago
ocean water levels rise significantly

the water during this time has rased significantly, now the ocean levels are 20 feet higher, and in many parts of the world land is now submerged.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
26 .0476---365th day; dec 31st 600,000 years ago
age of Homo Erectus

the form that we humans have evolved form, although not much different in physical form, mentally we rein supreme over our more primitive older brothers.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
27 .158---365th day; dec 31st 2 million years ago
Pleistocene Ice Age begins  

            the pleistocene ice age dawns, causing many animals to migrate, and through the drastic freezing a plethora of species will become extinct.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
28 .269---364th day; dec 30th 3.4 million years ago
Australopithecus Afarensis (Lucy) fossils found

one of the most popular fossil remains in history, "lucy" was the first record of the human species to be found.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
29 .714---364th day; dec 30th 9 million years ago
San Andreas Fault becomes active, mountains begin to uplift  

this massive shifting of mountains lead to the changing of earths geography forever.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
30 1.586---363rd day; dec 29th 20 million years ago
magalodon and whales roam the ocean

massive species of whales and sharks rule the ocean, in a dangerous dog eat dog lifestyle, or in this case, fish eat fish.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
31 4.364---361st day; dec 27th 55 million years ago
artic covered in tropical land

although it may not look like it, this is what the artic looked like over 50 millions of years ago ,proving that the climate of the earth is subject to dramatic changes.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
32 4.76---360th day; dec 26th 60 million years ago
continents settle to about what they look like today

after ages of continental drift the continents start to resemble the shapes we know them as today.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
33 5.5---360th day; dec 26th 65 million years ago
dinosaurs go extinct

this massive extinction put a rather abrupt end to the age of the dinosaurs, as a massive astroid struck earth.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
34 10.31---355th day; dec 21st 130 million years ago
Angiosperms, first flower plants appear

scientist have discovered the first forms of flowers around this time period.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
35 11.5---353rd day; dec 19th 145 million years ago
atlantic ocean first opens

the ocean has finally spread apart enough to see a recognizable atlantic ocean.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
36 12.69---352nd day; dec 18th 160 million years ago
first birds 

the first birds were rather primitive and had little control to flight, and are very similar in features and flight ability to the modern chicken.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
37 15.86---349th day dec 15th 200 million years ago
first mammals

the first mammals evolved over 200 million years ago and depended on their long saber-type teeth to survive.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
38 19.44---346th day; dec 12th 245 million years ago
mass extinction

this massive extinction brought the end to 95 percent of species of the time and would be a rough couple million years for life forms.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
39 19.83---345th day; dec 11th 250 million years ago 
greenhouse gas explodes

this massive greenhouse explosion brought the world to kayos as it seemed like the world was a burning firey hell.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
40 27.77---337th day; dec 3rd 350 million years ago
oldest bugs discovered

winged bugs were found in amber and can be dated back to 350 million years ago.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
41 29.75---335th day; dec 1st 375 million years ago
the important first step: amphibians evolve

this was a major step for life forms, literally. as creatures started to move out of the water and onto land.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
42 36.34---329th day; nov 25th 458 million years ago
first land plants  

plants and vegetation is now see moving out od the water and onto land, making life possible for lie forms.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
43 40.5---325th day; nov 21st 510 million years ago
oldest fossil fish  

scientist have found records of fish that date all the way back some 510 million years ago.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
44 50.8---315th day; nov 11th 640 million years ago
big melt

now that the earth is no longer covered in complete ice, life forms begin to evolve,

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
45 51.58---313th day; nov 9th 650 million years ago
snowball earth

the earth is comlpetly cover is solid ice and snow making the world a barren wasteland.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
46 71.41---294th day; oct 21st 900 million years ago
oldest fossil

the oldest fossil ever to be recorded dates back to 900 million years ago, and was a form of bacteria,

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
47 158.7---207th day; July 26th 2 billion years ago
first oxygen atmosphere

the oxygen atmosphere developed, creating one of the first steps towards substantiable life.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
48 301.52---64th day; March 4th 3.8 billion years ago
oldest evidence of life

this strand of cells may not look like much, however it is more or less the beginning of all life.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
49 309.45--- 56th day ; Febuary 25th 3.9 billion years ago
oldest dated rocks  

the oldest traces of rocks are over 3.9 billion years old, and would probably be older if they were not so buried under the earth that they are now  unobtainable.

 Event #  Your Analogy Value Years Ago 
50  364---1st day; January 1st 4.6 billion years ago
origin of the earth

the universe is formed and earth is born.