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Temescal Wash Clean-Up Event
Project Name : Temescal Wash Clean-Up Event
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What volunteer activity do you plan on participating in?
Helping to clean up Temescal wash.
Where is the volunteer location?
It was located in norco on Aurburndale st.
When will this activity occur?
October 6, 2012
What will be your responsibilities?
To clean up any trash or items that aren't supposed to be in the bushes, lake, the ground, and everywhere in general.
Who will be supervisor signing off on your volunteer hours?
The people who organized this clean up or Mr. Pitts.
How many hours total do you anticipate participating in this volunteer activity?
4 hours
What do you hope to accomplish?
I hope to pick up as much trash as I can in order to make the property not look as dirty and to make the community better.

Which organization did you volunteer for?
Temescal wash
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In hours, how much time did you volunteer?
4 hours
Describe your volunteer activities in detail.
I picked up trash around the area which included plastic bags, car parts, a bunch of paper plates and cups, and many other items in the area.
What were your accomplishments?
I collected about 5 bags of trash and found this long plastic pipe and many other things.
What did you learn?
I saw what happens to all the stuff we throw out it gets stuck in bushes and trees and all that and it's affecting us. I learned that we have to be more careful and take care of our earth because we are causes a lot of pollution. And I also learned that it's very important to not litter because I saw the result of it.
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Norco; Temescal Wash
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