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Sustainability Specialist
Imagine yourself in the future coming out of the door and feeling the fresh scented air and you taking a huge gulp of air.  You are living with the fresh clean air in a green enviromental area.  Sustainability specialist help to make these things happen.  Sustainability specialist do so much just to help and prepare for what might be next if this certain decision is taken in a certain direction.  These people dedicate their time to help sustain our enviroment.  All experts were once beginners as they trained through their preparation, what their job is, certification, the outlook of this job, and the innovations of sustainability.

Everywhere you go there is always some sort of sustainability that is behind the scenes.  People want to know the future so that they can know what's needed next.  Owners desire for the consumers to buy their stuff and one of the main things that help is that the stuff is good for the economy.  Sustainability specialist does the job of the future and how the outcomes of the nature and society uncover and attach to each other, good or bad. (Clark et al 2003, #1, 2012.html) Sustainability specialist jobs are growing as people are more in tune to help the economy as much as possible.  All people want a good future and a good life.  Life of the modern times is very needy of energy and its need it the economy is a worry for everyone.  Energy is a huge part of our lives and with it missing life would be different. (NCCB 2011 #2 2011.html)

Sustainability specialists inspect many parts of the ecosystem to do their job.  Sustainability specialist do their job by research and observation.  Many different types of sustainability specialists exist in a wide range.  How nature and society fold into each other are existing in all parts of the world.  Sustainability are reality underwater and on land.  Fishes can and are part of the sustainability area as fishermen use sustainability to know the best for themselves.  Weather, diseases, pest, type of land, and etc. are just some of the  factors in which sustainability specialists make their observation and provide information. ( Mumford et. al, 2009, #1  Specialist use all the information they can gain even the fundamentals of the ecosystem in which many people just miss to look at.  (Parkes et al. 2009,  #3

Preparation into becoming a sustainability specialist can even begin at a young age.  Most of the learning that you do in high school can be benefit into the preparation of becoming a sustainability specialist.  Math comes in handy in the job of the specialist and science too is important.  Algebra, Environmental Science, geometry, biology, chemistry, and public speaking are a major part of the Sustainability specialist's job.( Anonymous 2012 #1  Preparation for becoming a sustainability specialist is not that easy as organization and planning is needed for this job.  Research methods and useful assistance in growing and critiquing or evaluating are needed in sustainability specialist and traits sought by employers of sustainability specialists. Harraway is just one of the many employers that seek out sustainability specialists who hold these traits and are the best for these requirements and expectations.  ( Harraway 2012 #4 2012.html) The knowledge of a sustainability specialist must include the knowing of the effect of the economy, the health, and the environment by the information and opinions made on the coming stance of energy.  Certification of sustainability specialist requires the knowledge of all different types of energy ranging from Primary and Secondary Energy to Fundamentals of Fuel Cells. ( NCCB 2011 #1 )

As a continuation of the preparation to become a sustainability specialist, the talent or skill you gain in seeing chances to achieve your goals in the business you are in..  Communication, both oral and written, are important to the job of the sustainability specialist as they need to get the information across the people they need to tell.  (Harraway 2012 #1 2012.html)  The importance of research and how it is written is important to the sustainability specialist job.  Maye shows the skill needed in the category of research to really explain the conclusion and how they arrived to that conclusion in an way easier to understand.  (Maye 2005a #1, 2005a.html)One of the big topics for the sustainability specialists is the burning of fossil fuels reacting into climate changes and a hit on the carbon cycle that can knock the cycle off its balance. Powell shows  the types of research he does to head into his conclusion and tell the people his knowledge on this topic.  Powell shows off the skills of getting the information he knows and passing it on to other people and how it is important as a sustainability expert. (Powell 2012 #1, #2 2012a.html)  

There are many places in the world to get the certification needed to become a sustainability specialist.  One of the places is the online website called CCSS.  It offers the certification of sustainability at the price of $495.  CCSS provides a test to prove your qualification to become a sustainability specialist containing about 200 questions in an estimated time of about two hours. (CCSS 2012c #1 #2  Another places that offers certification is the University of California Los Angeles in a unit of 36.  UCLA contains a unit of 36 with the cost of tuition which comes in the cost of about $5,875,000 with the amount of the candidacy fees which is $250.UCLA contains many options to certify your goal of a sustainability specialist including a i day seminar on this topic of sustainability.  ( UCLA 2012 #1 2012d.html)  

Salaries exists in every job and the numbers varies.  The sustainability specialist's salary usually ranges in the $64,000.  As the rise for the need for sustainability specialist rises, the salaries are rising from demands that rose form a 7% to a 13%.  Salaries for sustainability specialists are expected to rise from the time being of 2010 to 2012. (Anonymous 2012 #1 2012.html)

The future outlook is important for every job as to have a brighter and more look forward to future as if is a job in more need of or a job that is disappearing.  The future outlook on this job is bright as many people are looking for the best way to get to their consumers with sustainability.  This vocation gained a more successful future by the decision made by the US Department of Agriculture as it made sustainability of agriculture a prioritized issue of the future of US.  (Ikerd 1997 #1 1997.html)  

The leading edges into this occupation is bright from the telling of Watanatada.  She gives out information that many CEOs are turning to sustainability and is now searching for those who are certified for the job as a sustainability specialist.  Businesses are going to the view of that sustainability are building the concept of sustainable business.  The influences the businesses have will bring up more people that desire to sustain the economy and bring the urge for the need of more sustainability specialist.  Watanatada says that businesses have sought a way to have a greater relationship and encourage what is done with the consumers but also with the employees.  The strategy of sustainability exist in the company and its performance, the way it is run, and the organization. As Watanatada says about the job of the sustainability specialist, the importance and the growing need and the leading edges on this job are becoming more and more part of a worldwide industry.  (Watanatada 2011, #1,#2,#3, #4 A new atmosphere of sustainability is growing.  Innovations for sustainability exist in wide amount of areas including economic.  Some other innovations are cultural, operational and institutional sustainability.  All these sustainable areas are innovations.  (Sustainable Innovations 2012 #1 Innovations 2012.html)

All in all, jobs are all earned with effort and some time.  To be a sustainability specialist you need to put time and effort into the preparation.  Each and every step of the way takes time.  Sustainability Specialist work hard to obtain their goal as a pro.  Though the fresh enviromental area may not fully return to its prime, the thought that they are helping sustain the enviroment gives them a boost that they are helping to make this planet a more healthier lifestyle.  

Everyone is not given the perfect utilities for a specific job from the beginning of their lives.  Everyone must sharpen their utilities as well as they must gain new skills as they go on for their goals.  I wasn't born with the complete tools needed to be a sustainability specialist.  Like every job with every person, this job does not specifically fit me as a whole.  One of the disadvantages and unskilled areas that are needed for this job and that i do not contain is public speaking.  I have not fully grown to be comfortable with public speaking.  Public speaking is associated with communication with the listeners which is an important tool needed by a sustainability specialist.  One of the advantages i have is want to make this planet a more healthy area.  Though i may not make its fullest potential i would like to have a feeling that i made this place a better place.  That I made home even sweeter.  There are still many disadvantages i have in this job while there are still some tools that i have but still a bit dull to its fullest.  Sustainability specialist will give me the accomplished feeling of sustainability to the enviroment.