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Earth Day Santiago 2010_Megan Palmer
Project Name : Earth Day Santiago 2010_Megan Palmer
Description : Earth Day Santiago 2010
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Which sustainability component will your lesson focus on?
My lesson will focus on nutrient recycling through vermicomposting.
What related problem/issue will you present?
The issue presented will be how food scraps are wasted and sent to landfills to pollute the environment, and how this must be stopped.
What supporting facts characterize the problem?
Supporting facts that characterize the problem are the sheer amount of food waste Americans are producing today.
What solution will you offer?
The solution offered will be vermicomposting instead of throwing food scaos away, which will ultimatley end up in landfills. If vermicomposting is used instead of throwing food scraps away, these nutrients will be recycled, instead of being wasted. If they were to be wasted, then they would end up in landfills, which relaease such greenhouse gasses as methane. By offering vermicomposting as an alternative, people will stop the release of these greenhouse gasses. This will help slow the rapid increase we are eperiencing in global warming.
What action or actions do you want people to take as a result of your lesson?
As a result of my lesson I want people to begin vermicomposting and stop wasting food scraps and sending them to landfills. If more people began vermicomposting, less food scraps would be wasted. If each person in turn was educated by vermisomposting, they could teach other people, and more people can begin vermicomposting. This will help people reduce the massive amount of waste we are producing. As we head into the future it is going to become very important that people begin reducing the amount of waste they are producing, and vermicomposting helps offer a solution.
Please attach any supporting audio, video, images, files, blogs, links, graphs or other related to the problem or your solution?
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