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Earth Day Santiago 2010_Sami Castillo
Project Name : Earth Day Santiago 2010_Sami Castillo
Description : Earth Day Santiago 2010
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Which sustainability component will your lesson focus on?
The main focus of the lesson is on growing local, eating local, and buying local. There was also a brief focus on composting.
What related problem/issue will you present?
A related problem is fossil fuel emissions caused by long distance food transportation.
What supporting facts characterize the problem?
Most of the food purchased in grocery stores travels approximately 1,500 miles. This is the distance it travels from where it is grown to your plate. This long distance requires the unnecessary use of fossil fuels which contribute to global warming, therefore having detrimental impacts on the environment.
What solution will you offer?
There are two solutions to this problem. The first option would be to buy from grocery stores that grow their produce locally. Another option is to grow food in a garden. Both solutions require much less fossil fuel emissions, especially gardening which requires almost none.
What action or actions do you want people to take as a result of your lesson?
The goal was to get people to start growing vegetables and produce in their own gardens and also to eat and purchase locally grown foods from farmer's markets such as Henry's.
Please attach any supporting audio, video, images, files, blogs, links, graphs or other related to the problem or your solution?