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 Temescal Wash clean up laurisa sanchez
Project Name : Temescal Wash clean up laurisa sanchez
Description : Team earth clean up
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What volunteer activity do you plan on participating in?
I plan to participate in the Temescal Wash clean up. It will not only serve as a community service opportunity but also greatly help the amount of waste and garbage in Corona which will ultimately benefit our Earth.
Where is the volunteer location?
The volunteer opportunity was located in Corona and was the Temescal Wash clean up.
When will this activity occur?
It occurred on November 10, 2012 from eight to noon.
What will be your responsibilities?
My responsibilities are to pick up as much garbage as I possibly can in four hours while remaining safe.
Who will be supervisor signing off on your volunteer hours?
Mr. Ken Pitts my APES teacher will be my supervisor.
How many hours total do you anticipate participating in this volunteer activity?
This activity is four hours long.
What do you hope to accomplish?
I hope to help out my community and become a more involved citizen in community issues.

Which organization did you volunteer for?
I volunteered for a community service opportunity sponsored by Team Earth.
Coordinator Contact info:
Mr. Ken Pitts Santiago High School APES teacher and Team Earth Adviser. Phone number is 9517538312.
Start Date
End Date
In hours, how much time did you volunteer?
4 hours
Describe your volunteer activities in detail.
My volunteer activities consisted of cleaning the city of Corona by picking up trash and plastics. It was a long tedious and rewarding process spent with friends also picking up trash.
What were your accomplishments?
I accomplished picking up 9 trash bags worth full of garbage and managed to take several pictures to document my time at the Temescal Wash. It was also the first time I had ever picked up that much garbage in my life and it was a good experience that made me think twice about littering.
What did you learn?
I learned that littering is not worth it and can honestly say that I will never do it after picking up trash for four hours. I also learned what a difference one morning full of selfless volunteering and hard work can do. The before and after results were unbelievable and by the afternoon it looked really nice.
Attach any videos, images, audio, files, links or other documents related to your volunteer work, such as 'before and after' images, or videos of the volunteering in action. Give clear names and descriptions to the items so as to educate about your experience.
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Temescal Wash in Corona
Other Notes
I hope we have a clean up next semester as well.

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