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Lindsey Stirling & George Sarah
Project Name : Lindsey Stirling & George Sarah
Description : Concert Report
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Lindsey Stirling and George Sarah and his String Ensemble
Multimedia Submission
Anthony Huerta
Concert Reports 1 & 2
Hist. 104-History of Rock & Roll
   Lindsey Stirling and George Sarah & his string ensemble performed at The Roxy Theater in West Hollywood,CA on Nov. 12, 2012. The event was a concert with 4 bands that each played for about 40 minutes each. The concert was held at The Roxy Theater or more generally known as The Roxy. The inside of the The Roxy is small and intimate. The club hold about 300 people maximum and has a bar area and also seating area for VIPs or apon request. The stage was in the corner of the building and if your front and center there is no bar between you and the performers which made the experience much better I believe. George Sarah and his band were dressed casual for the event which really set the mood for the night. George was using a keyboard and synthesizer equipment to provide the beats and melodies that the string ensemble would play to. There were three performers in the string ensemble, on playing the cello, one playing the viola. and the last playing the violin.
The performance was very mellow and controlled. George concentrated on his beats and tempo while the string ensemble played when the had to. The genre was a mix of electronic and string instruments which make for a very unique and interesting sound. The use of both of these elements remind me of the 80s music that were talk about in class. With the more use of synthesizers and the keyboard to create this new style of music. Even though there were no vocals the audience was still very engaged and into the music that was being played. George writes and composes his own music and depending on where he is playing has different groups do the string ensemble portion of his music. Overall it was a great performance and something I could see my self listening to more.

​Lindsey Stirling-Concert Report 2

 Lindsey was the main performance at the Roxy this night and with good reason. Lindsey mixes classical music with new age music to create a sound that is familiar but new. Her band consist of a drummer and a keyboard player who also uses a synthesizer for some more background beats. Lindsey first made her debut on "America's Got Talent" but was voted off in the final rounds. From there she created a youtube account and her music and talents caught millions of viewers attention. Lindsey not own writes and composes her own music, but is known to do cover songs of popular hits like Rihanna's "We Found Love" and add her own style to it. She is also know to do remakes of video games songs from Zelda to Skyrim which are both popluar video games. Performing these song creates a link between here and her fans of all ages.From her success on youtube and building a following she is able to tour all around the U.S. and soon Europe. Her performance was more then what I expected and worth more then what the cheap ticket price was. Her performance was very engaged with the audience and made sure to cover all the stage while she was playing. The audience responded great to her performance and the whole time she was playing it was high energy and exciting. The birth of multi-media in the history of rock and roll made all this possible for Lindsey. Without Youtube or Facebook Lindsey might still be looking for that big break, which would be  unfortunate because she is an outstanding music artist and performer.
 ​Lindsey Stirling performing song from the video game Skyrim