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Olivia's Opossum Species
Project Name : Olivia's Opossum Species
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September 10, 2012
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Before doing research today, the only thing i knew about a opussum was that it was a larger rat. However, I found out it isn't even a part of the rat family. It's a part of the koala and kangaroo family and is the only type of female with a pouch that resides in North America. Opussums have a short life span that is usually from one to two years. The opussum "plays dead" as a way of not being eaten by other animals such as dogs or cats. Opussums have a hairless tail. They are nocturnal animals. Opussums could be considered a keystone species since they help keep areas clean by eating all sorts of insects, mice, and rats. It is obviously found in Southern California since it was at our own school! But they are also located in Australia, New Guinea, and Sulawesi.